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sluggish brain and oogles of work
2004-03-09 | 4:11 p.m.

Iím tired and my brain is feeling unduly sluggish. Thinking in slow motion is not conducive to getting the oogles of work done that I need to do. I donít think oogles is really a word, but it seems to adequately describe the enormous piles on my desk, so Iíll go with it.

So, in an effort to jump start the thinking process, Iíve decided to write until I can sufficiently shake the lethargy thatís clouding my brain.

Itís hot here today. Over 90 degrees. I am not ready for hot summer weather yet. I was hoping that we could have nice, spring-like conditions for at least another 6 weeks. Thankfully itís supposed to cool back down next week.

Letís see if some Unconscious Mutterings get my mind operational again.

  1. Dogma::Bad Movie

  2. Spirit::In All

  3. Voodoo::Doll

  4. Demon::Angel

  5. Digital::Camera

  6. Ceremony::Wedding

  7. Research::Legal

  8. Career::Path

  9. Penis::Donít Have One

  10. Film::Develop

Hmmm . . . still feeling mentally sluggish.

Letís see, whatís new? The Nanaís (grandmother) histrionics continued yesterday. First, she wants us to plan a huge wedding while sheís in California. Weíre to take care of all the pesky details, like finding a location, arranging food, making sure she has music because she want to dance. But, she canít decide on a date.

Then she was going to elope and get married in California. ďGood,Ē we all said. ďWhatever you want to do is fine with us,Ē while we all breathe a huge sigh of relief because the last-minute-wedding-planning can cease.

Less than an hour later, she finds out that her husband-to-be hasnít told all of his kids about her or the upcoming nuptials. In classic Nana form, she blows a gasket. The wedding is off. She demands that someone take her to the airport immediately because she can not tolerate being in the same state as the husband-to-be. He offers to take her to Universal Studios tomorrow; she gets over her temper tantrum.

The latest news on the wedding-elopement-no wedding, is that she doesnít want a big wedding Ė she was only having a big wedding because we (the rest of the family who were planning this shindig under duress) wanted it. What?!?! Anyway, she now wants to come back to Arizona and get married in a private ceremony in my auntís back yard. She hasnít actually informed my aunt of this yet. But, Nana is rarely deterred by small details or social graces.

Well, Iím feeling slightly less torpid. But, since Iíve already wasted time writing this, why not waste a few more minutes on a inane quiz?


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

Ok, enough foolishness. I have to get through the oogles of work awaiting my attention. (Iím liking that new word of mine.)

Listening To: Maroon 5, "This Love"
Reading: Sue Monk Kidd, "The Dance of the Dissident Daughter"
Feeling: not nearly as sluggish as I felt 20 minutes ago

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