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the cast
2003-12-23 | 2:35 p.m.

This being the beginning, some character introduction is in order. First, there’s me. I’ll give you the basics, but the rest you’ll learn here (probably long before I do). I’m the thirty-something, single, professional woman with a lot to give but no one to give it to.

There’s the Mom. She lives with me. This is not as horrible as it might seem to most of you. She and I have an abnormally positive relationship.

There is also the brother, Rich, sister-in-law, and beautiful 10 month old niece, Rianna. Rich has done some serious growing up since he got married five years ago, and he and I actually enjoy each others’ company and conversation now. Anna is my sister in law. She loves the brother and she gave birth to Rianna, so she’s thereby earned my affection. Rianna is, quite simply, the love of my life.

As a recent development, cousin Yesenia and her two year old daughter, Carissa, have moved in with Mom and me. Yesenia has always been like a little sister to me, so I’m glad to be able to help her out. Carissa is a tenderhearted girl who is very easy to love. Living with a two year old, however, requires some getting used to. Just as soon as we’ve all adjusted to each other (and I’ve destroyed all talking/music playing toys), all will be well, I’m sure.

At work – which, by the way, is being a lawyer and (at least currently) working for a judge – there is my co-worker, MM. She’s smart with a smart-ass mouth and a wicked sense of humor. She’s also a lesbian who has been without sex for over a year now. Poor girl, she keeps meeting lesbian-looking women who turn out to be straight. She does have a date tomorrow, so there’s hope that she’ll be able to end the sex drought before the new year. I’m rooting for her!

We are both adamant that we will not become the type of lawyer who is only able to carry on a conversation about law. Therefore, the coffee room conversation is usually irreverant and hilarious, and probably improper for the workplace, but (and this is important) it has nothing to do with the latest legal developments.

The only other person I’ll introduce at this point is Steph, the best friend from law school. She’s divorced, the mother of two girls under the age of five, and prosecutes criminals for a living. She’s tougher than she gives herself credit for, yet she has a soft heart and some unexpected insecurities.

Other assorted friends and family members will be introduced as necessary.

Actually, this is quite a cast list. I’m lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people. I need to remember that more often. What’s the proverb – something about iron sharpening iron. Sometimes you forget that you are who you are largely because of those who are around you. We should, therefore, choose well, and appreciate the good ones.

Thanks all.


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