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100 things for my 100th entry
2004-05-16 | 7:25 p.m.

My 100th entry. A milestone, of sorts. To commemorate the occasion, Iíve put together this list of 100 facts about me.

1. I am a woman.

2. I am single.

3. Thus far, I like it that way.

4. I am currently 31 years old.

5. Iím enjoying the hell out of my 30s.

6. By way of profession, I am a lawyer.

7. Iím enjoying the hell out of that too.

8. I currently work for a federal judge.

9. In a nutshell, my job is to be the judgeís lawyer. (Bet you didnít know judges had lawyers of their own, right?)

10. When Iím done with this gig, Iíd like to be a prosecutor.

11. This gig is up in September. With a bit of luck and a few well-deserved references, Iím hoping to have that job as a prosecutor by then.

12. I live in Arizona.

13. I was born and raised here.

14. Even though Iíve lived in Arizona all my life, Iíve never visited the Grand Canyon. Itís shameful. I know.

15. I live in a house full of women; four women, between the ages of 2 Ĺ and 58.

16. My mother lives with me.

17. My mother and I have an abnormally positive relationship.

18. In fact, my mother is one of my closest friends.

19. I consider my relationship with my mother to be one of the greatest blessings in my life.

20. My cousin, Yesenia, and her daughter, Carissa, also live with me. Life was so much quieter before a toddler lived under the same roof. Life was also more boring. The added laughter makes up for the toys scattered in every room, the endless string of cartoons, and the step stools that are sure to be the death of me one day.

21. I have one brother. He and I actually get along quite well now that weíre adults. In fact, Iím quite proud of the man heís become.

22. Since February 4, 2003, my universe has revolved around my niece, Rianna.

23. Itís quite possible that Iím the most smitten aunt to have lived. It stands to reason, as itís also quite possible that Rianna is the most intelligent, beautiful, charming girl to have lived. Iím obviously not a bit biased.

24. I love to read.

25. Iím an equal-opportunity reader. I read everything from Shakespeare to Gabriel GarcŪa MŠrquez to trashy romance novels.

26. At any given time, I probably have 4 to 6 books that I am in the process of reading and at least two dozen books waiting to be read.

27. I tend to develop an attachment to books that Iíve read. This is why I prefer to buy my books, rather than to borrow them from a library.

28. I have more books than I have shelf space to hold them. Books are stacked in every room, on virtually every table, dresser, or shelf, and in assorted corners throughout my house.

29. In my ďdream houseĒ I will have an entire room devoted as a library with wall to wall bookshelves. Even so, Iíll still likely have books stacked everywhere.

30. I love to dance.

31. Iíve taken dance lessons for several years and I can dance most types of ballroom, swing, and latin dances.

32. In fact, I once competed in a pro-am latin dance competition.

33. I wore the most amazing looking dance dress. Red and orange and yellow. Like flames. Hot.

34. That dress cost me more than the average woman pays for a wedding gown.

35. In fact, if I ever do decide to marry, Iíll probably have to wear that dance dress as I donít know if Iíll ever be able to justify spending so much on another dress again. Itís ok. The dress was damn hot and well worth it, even if it would make an unusual wedding garment.

36. The red dress looked extra hot with my red hair.

37. If you ask me if the color is mine, Iíll say yes. Because it sure as hell is mine after I pay $130 to get it colored and highlighted every 6 weeks.

38. In any event, Iíve been a redhead for over 6 years now. I always had the feistiness of a redhead, I simply changed my hair color to match my temperament.

39. My eyes are brown.

40. When I was a teenager, I wanted colored contacts so that I wouldnít be stuck with ďboringĒ brown eyes. I thought violet contacts would be great. My eye doctor convinced me that I had very nice eyes and that I didnít need violet contact lenses.

41. I didnít really believe him back then. I do now. I like my eyes now. I think theyíre quite nice.

42. I wear glasses. I think glasses are sex-ay.

43. I have very fair skin and a smattering of freckles on my face. They make the red hair seem authentic.

44. I speak Spanish fluently.

45. I can also speak a bit of Portuguese.

46. Iíd like to learn to speak Italian some day.

47. I think it would be great to be able to curse in four different languages. Communicating civilly in four different languages would be cool too.

48. Iím latina.

49. The red hair and fair skin throw people off though. The typically Spanish surname, and the fact that I can give them an ear full in Spanish, usually convince people that I am in fact latina.

50. Iíve had people make crude comments in Spanish in my presence, under the assumption that Iím as ďgringaĒ as I look. When I tell them what I think of their crudeness in their own tongue, theyíre usually suitably abashed.

51. I am by nature introverted.

52. I am also opinionated, assertive, and audacious.

53. Iím a conundrum that few have figured out.

54. One of the greatest lessons that my mother taught me is typified by this Spanish ďdichoĒ: Mejor sola, que mal acompaŮada. (ďBetter to be alone, than with the wrong company.Ē)

55. Thatís probably why Iím still single. Iíve only met the wrong ones, thus far.

56. I have many friendly acquaintances, but few close friends.

57. I am extremely loyal to my friends and family.

58. Iím also very generous.

59. I love wine. Especially red wine. A good pinot noir is my favorite.

60. My family doesnít really drink wine.

61. So if I open a bottle of wine, I usually feel compelled to drink the whole thing. I hate seeing good wine wasted.

62. I also love chocolate.

63. I prefer dark chocolate, but I wonít shun a good milk chocolate.

64. I also love sex.

65. No, really, I LOVE sex.

66. Iíve always been a very sexual person, but since Iíve hit my 30s, my libido seems to have skyrocketed.

67. Too bad Iím single. You men donít know what youíre missing with my seemingly insatiable appetite for sex.

68. Until the single status is remedied, I masturbate a lot.

69. I own several vibrators.

70. I enjoy them, but most times I prefer to use my hand.

71. Having grown up in a fundamental christian home, I used to feel guilty about my sexuality and especially about masturbating.

72. I donít feel guilty anymore, mostly because Iím comfortable with myself, but also because I no longer subscribe to the guilt-ridden teachings of my childhood.

73. I donít particularly like labels, but if I were to choose one for my spirituality, Iíd say that I am pagan, since, personally, I connect to the Divine by honoring the Goddess.

74. My spirituality is ever evolving. My favorite aspect of this path is the freedom to think critically about all things spiritual, accept those things that are right for me, and guiltlessly set aside the rest.

75. I think spirituality is a very personal thing. I am content with the spiritual path that I am now on. I donít feel the feel the need to ďconvertĒ anyone to my way of thinking, and Iíd appreciate it if no one tried to ďconvertĒ me.

76. I have been overweight nearly all my life.

77. In the last two years, Iíve lost about 35 pounds through Weight Watchers.

78. I am content with myself, with the woman that I am, and with the way that I look.

79. In fact, I think Iím quite beautiful.

80. Others have told me this as well.

81. Nevertheless, I would like to lose more weight.

82. I realize that I wasnít born with the ďskinnyĒ gene, so I will always have to work at being fit and healthy. Iím ok with that.

83. I try to live each day to the fullest and to have no regrets.

84. One of the few things I regret is not studying abroad in college.

85. I love to travel and I would have loved to live in another country for a period.

86. I havenít traveled nearly as much as I would have liked to.

87. Mostly because it seems as if Iíve been in school forever.

88. Now that Iím done with school and Iím a few years into my career, I hope to find ways to travel more often.

89. I think Iíll get a passport, so that I can be ready to travel more.

90. One of the first places Iíd like to go to is Ireland. Scotland, too. And Spain, Italy, and France. Yup, I better get that passport.

91. I work best under pressure.

92. This is one of the reasons I think I will make a good trial attorney.

93. In myself and in others, I value intelligence and integrity above all else.

94. My first name is Jessica.

95. My friends usually call me Jess.

96. My family has always called me Gigi, because my little brother couldnít pronounce ďJessica.Ē I donít particularly like it. I think it sounds like a French poodle. But after 31 years, Iím pretty much stuck with it.

97. Politically, Iím liberal. However, on criminal and immigration issues, I tend to be more conservative.

98. I am not a morning person. I prefer to ease into wakefulness. This usually requires about 20 minutes of lying in bed after the alarm sounds, a long shower, and at least one very large mug of coffee.

99. Iím trying to retrain myself into the habit of early morning workouts. Itís not easy, as strenuous activity before 7 a.m. goes against my natural inclination toward grumpiness and sloth until 9 a.m.

100. Iím a list person. I like to make lists. I like to check things off my list. In fact, I can be so compulsive about my lists, that if I do something thatís not on my list, I write it down just so that I can check it off. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with checking things off my list.

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