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2004-02-22 | 10:43 p.m.

It turned out to be an enjoyable and entirely work-free weekend after all.

Saturday started much earlier than I normally like my Saturdays to begin. I dragged my ass out of bed and over to the Weight Watchers meeting. As expected, I didn’t lose any measurable weight last week, but I didn’t gain either. Considering last weekend’s debauchery, I thanked the scale gods and left.

Mom, Yesenia, Carissa, MM, MM’s mom, and I spent the day reveling in 16th century fun. Renaissance Festival highlights included yummy foodstuffs on sticks, a stunning tree-person, funny shows starring boorish skeletons and gay sword fighting twins, an elephant ride for the child, delicious chocolate dipped strawberries and cinnamon roasted almonds, corset enhanced breasts, tight male asses clothed in brightly colored tights, gazing longingly at beautifully crafted jewelry and resisting the urge to buy any, the wonderful sense of comfort at being among fellow followers of the Goddess, and inept but exuberant axe throwing. Huzzah!

And although I can appreciate the enthusiasm that leads some ren-faire goers to attend in costume, I do not understand why certain men felt the need to show up wearing only a loin cloth, leather straps, and boots. There were children present, for gods sake. The gratuitous nakedness was not in any way “huzzah!” worthy.

After all the huzzah shouting good times at the Renaissance Festival, we stopped by Rich and Anna’s to spend some time with the ever more amazing Rianna. Her latest cuteness is when she’s asked if she’s “enojada,” she makes this adorable “mad face” with her brow furrowed and her eyes squinted. She can’t keep it up for long, though, and eventually breaks into an utterly charming grin. Damn, that child is cute!

Today, I decided to sleep in and forego any productiveness whatsoever. Instead of going to work I stayed home, did a bit of laundry, watched a dumb movie, and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Since times of madness are sure to descend upon my work life, I opted to enjoy a full weekend while I still could. Although I’ll probably regret this decision come next week when I’m again faced with an uninterrupted onslaught of 14 hour days, for tonight at least I’m glad that I’m able to say that I have enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Huzzah!

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