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2004-02-20 | 2:47 p.m.

I’m very glad that it’s Friday. Although, I have to wonder why I get so excited about the weekend when so many of my weekends are spent working instead of doing weekendy things. Go figure. But just the idea of a work-free Saturday or Sunday, illusory as it may be, is enough to make the afternoon seem bearable right now.

In truth, this weekend should be a pretty good one. Although I’ll have to trudge into the office for a few hours on Sunday, tomorrow is going to be spent drinking mead, eating cinnamon roasted almonds, and watching silly performers at the Renaissance Festival. MM and I will be taking both our mothers for, what she has deemed, mother and daughter day at the “Huzzah, I’m an idiot faire.” She is derisive now. But I bet, after enough mead or other assorted alcoholic beverages, she can probably be talked into donning a corset and belting out a heartfelt “huzzah!”

All of this 16th century revelry will come after I drag my uncooperative ass out of bed at an ungodly early hour and over to the WW meeting for the obligatory and embarrassingly public weigh in and ra-ra cheerleading shit that comes afterward. This week’s success factor was mixed. The Valentine’s day debauchery started me out on the wrong foot food-wise. For the rest of the week, I’d manage to do well during the day, but then I’d succumb to late night munchies. I didn’t make it to the gym, but I did manage three nights of yoga. I suspect that the scale will not be friendly tomorrow. Ah, well. Nothing to do, except resolve to do better next week.

* * *

In other news today . . . women are now a driving consumer force in the sex industry with a new focus on “female empowered” adult entertainment and products. When asked why, one woman in the industry said: “We’re women. We enjoy sex.” Amen, sistah!

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