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some rainy monday thoughts
2004-02-23 | 2:05 p.m.

Itís rainy and cold here in normally sunny Arizona. I love it. I wish I could go play in the rain for while, letting the cold drops slip over my face and through my hair. And then go home and curl up with a warm blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book.

But, alas, I have to work. So, instead Iíll watch the rain come down from the dry confines of my office as I slough through the stagnating piles of work on my desk.

Iím expecting work to crank up to a frenetic pace this week. My work-related bitching will probably increase in proportion to the chaos on my desk. Be forewarned.

I just had lunch with the other clerks and judges from Phoenix. One of the judges, related a story about another judge who celebrated her 25th year on the federal bench. When asked what she had observed of her former clerks during all those years, she said that, without fail, those former clerks who were happy were those that went into public service, while those that followed the partnership track in a law firm were universally miserable. This serves as further confirmation that I must forthwith execute Plan A of the Must Get A Job Project.

* * *

What in the hell is Ralph Nader thinking? News flash for Mr. Nader: with the horror that would be another 4 years under the Bush administration looming near, there is no time to indulge your ego. So, Mr. Nader, please do this country a favor Ė no, no, do the world a favor Ė and get the fuck out of this race!

And if Nader insists on trying to get his name on the ballot, could the gods possibly smile upon us and get Roy Moore to run, too? That would be sweet.

* * *

It was one hell of a wedding reception in San Francisco as a ďlove revolutionĒ was celebrated in spectacular style.

And since when can issuing marriage licenses to gay couples be rationally equated to issuing a license to sell drugs? Arnie, come on. I can respect an intelligent debate, but this is just one of the most ridiculous responses to a legitimate question that Iíve heard in quite a while.

* * *

Am I the only woman in this country who has never seen an episode of ďSex & the CityĒ? Iím beginning to think that Iíve missed out on a life-altering cultural phenomenon. Even though Iím too late to enjoy the grand finale, I think Iíll jump on this bandwagon and go put season one on my Netflix queue.

* * *

Well, that sums up my useless commentary on the world around me for now. Work, as always, demands my attention.

Ciao, queridos.


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