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2004-02-18 | 11:59 a.m.

In case you missed the bulletin, a hottie snaked my pipes last night.

My plumbing is functional once again. The work has a ninety day guarantee. I’m seriously considering bribing the two year old into stuffing shoes or barbie heads or something down the toilets so that I can call the über-sexy Mr. Rooter back. Next time though, instead of opening the door wearing sweats and an ugly t-shirt (because I was expecting a middle-aged, balding, paunchy, ass-crack showing Mr. Rooter), I’d make sure to wear something sexy for the über-sexy Mr. Rooter there to make a middle of the night plumbing rescue. If I did this repeatedly over the next ninety days, do you think that would be too obvious?

* * *

Anyway, last night when I was panting away at the hot Mr. Rooter man, I mentioned that I’d had a cool dinner that I would talk about more later. Well, now’s later.

It was a dinner of hot up-and-coming female lawyers (except for the one man, who doesn’t really count – what’s with the men crashing our all female extravaganzas, anyway?). Eight women. All of us lawyers. All of us graduated at the top of our law school class. All of us working for top state and federal judges. All of us going out in about seven months to make our mark in the legal world – in New York, D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, doing everything from patent law to professorships to public sector work. Yes, folks, we’re hot, and we know it.

No, really, all self-adulation aside, it was a spectacular group. Dinner was good, conversation even better.

At one point, the conversation came around to women in positions of authority, and the bitches they can be to work for. I thought it sad that our common experience had been that many women who had “made it” (whether they be judges, professors, or partners in a law firm) had somehow along the way lost the ability to relate effectively with other women. It’s as if they have been working so hard and so long at either being one of the boys or at using thier sexuality to their professional advantage, that they’ve forgotten who they were before they had to don their professional persona. I’ve met very few women who wear power and success well. Those that do really stand out.

It was interesting and encouraging that last night’s group of women, all of whom will likely be in similar positions of authority one day, had taken note of this phenomenon. Hopefully, we’ll be able to learn from what we’ve seen in other women, and emulate those few who do wear power with grace.

* * *

Despite the way the current administration chills me to the very core, let me just say how grateful I am to live in a country where one can suck away for all they’re worth, instead of clean-living Singapore with it’s ten year prison sentences for having oral sex. That’s just harsh.

* * *

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I think the free pass he got on the charges that he protected priests accused of child molestation lulled him into thinking his position in the Church placed him above the law somehow. But if you hit a man and then drive away leaving him to die on the street, you deserve whatever penalty the law deems appropriate, no matter who you are.

I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him, though. He’s an old man, he’s lost his position in the Church, and between the children he turned a blind eye toward and the human life that he took, his conscious must weigh heavy on him. I guess that’s the price you pay for not practicing what you preach.

* * *

And the love fest continues in San Francisco. I think this editorial sums up the debate over gay marriage best.

* * *

That’s all from me for now. Work demands my attention.

Ciao, queridos.

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