caminante haciendo camino
the hottie snaking my pipes
2004-02-18 | 12:22 a.m.

Let me just say that the man currently snaking my pipes is totally hot. No, I don’t mean snaking my pipes as in fucking me silly. I wouldn’t be here in Dland if I were currently enjoying a fuck with Mr. Hottie. I mean snaking my pipes as in actually snaking my pipes. Mr. Hottie, you see, is Mr. Rooter.

After getting home late because of a cool dinner that I will talk about later, I had the dubious pleasure of discovering that my toilets were backing up. Damn old houses with their damn old plumbing. This happens about every 9 months or so. This time, the plumbing decided to stop operating in the middle of the night. So, I called the first 24 hour plumbing establishment that I could find.

I opened the door, expecting Mr. Rooter to be a middle-aged, balding, paunchy man, complete with the requisite ass-crack showing over the low riding waistband. Instead, Mr. Rooter was a six-foot tall, dark haired, tanned and toned god of male beauty. He’s fucking hot, people! I don’t think I can emphasize this enough. This man is the sexiest thing to walk in my door in longer than I care to remember.

Oh, yes, my vibrator and I definitely have some plans later tonight that involve fantasies starring the very hot Mr. Rooter.

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Feeling: horny

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