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2004-02-12 | 2:37 p.m.

I知 once again indebted to MM and her computer wizardry. She not only set me up with a very cool diary template yesterday, she also fixed my laptop. I was sure that I was going to have to put the old thing out to pasture. But, no. It痴 in fine form once again thanks to her.

Now that my laptop is back from the dead, I知 thinking of getting a wireless internet doohickey (yes, that was a highly technical term). It defeats the purpose of a laptop computer if it is leashed to a phone line, right? I値l probably have to call on MM for help again. I知 not sure I trust the guys at Best Buy to know what I mean if I go in there asking for a wireless doohickey.

* * *

I seem to be making an inordinate amount of travel plans today. I値l be heading to Seattle in March and taking Mom along for an extended weekend of playing tourists. Neither of us have been to Seattle, so we池e looking forward to . . . well, I don稚 exactly know what there is to see and do in Seattle. I知 sure we値l figure something out, though.

In June I知 going to Louisville to (finally) meet some of the gals from the Soup. What started out as a community to support each other as we trudged through the ups and downs of weight loss, has turned into, in many cases, genuine friendships that go far beyond our common weight loss goals. These women cheered me on during the endless months of bar study, celebrated with me when I passed, and have been a constant source of encouragement during the almost two years that I致e known them. We致e seen each other through job woes, family issues, new pets, dead pets, assorted ailments, existential crises, and just about everything in between. I知 looking forward to Louisville and finally meeting women who I already consider dear friends.

In addition to Louisville, this summer I値l also be going back to California Pasadena and San Francisco.

Then in September, once I致e finished my clerkship, I知 planning my long awaited (and richly deserved) vacation. So far, Ireland and Scotland are on the itinerary (although the specific places I want to visit are still under consideration). I知 debating the relative merits of making a stop in London. I値l have two, maybe three weeks, to putz around with. So time isn稚 really a factor. I値l have to think about it.

Well, look at me, just racking up those frequent flyer miles.

I really should get to finding a job if I want to be able to finance these jaunts.

* * *

Props to the city officials of San Francisco for this bit of civil disobedience.

Well, I suppose that痴 all the mental debris I have to eschew for now.

Ciao, queridos.

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