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2004-02-11 | 3:31 p.m.

Well color me cool. I’ve got a new diary template. Believe me when I tell you that this wouldn’t have been possible without the kind assistance of MM. Well, actually the word “assistance” implies that I did something. But, truth be told, I did absolutely nothing. No, my computer skills do not extend so far as cool diary templates, even when it’s just a matter of copying and pasting. So, really, the new, cool, orange (what’s not cool about the color orange) diary template is due entirely to the computer wizardry of MM. In humble appreciation, I’ve included a link to her blog. She’s Amazonchyck. She’s, in her own words, a smart ass who’s more smart than ass. Go check her out.

* * *

Has anyone else tried the new Diet Coke with Lime? I had it for the first time last week when I was in California and I absolutely loved it.

It might just be a latino thing, but we put lime or lemon in everything – in soups, on tacos, on rice, in drinks, on steaks. You name it, and it’ll probably taste better with a little lime. So when the Diet Coke with Lemon came out I was expecting good things. Then I tried it and thought it tasted as if they tried using battery acid to achieve a citrus taste. Yuck! But the folks at Coke got it right with the lime. Yummy stuff!

Anyway, last night I got an undeniable craving for Diet Coke with Lime, so I headed out to the nearest grocery store to buy some. (It could have been worse, I've been known to make these middle of the night runs for chocolate or ice cream.) But much to my dismay, there wasn't a Diet Coke with Lime to be found anywhere -- no 2 liters, no six pack of cans, no bottles, nothing. The shelves were woefully devoid of the yumminess that is Diet Coke with Lime.

I finally found some individual 20 oz bottles in the refrigerated cases by the check out stand -- on sale buy one get one free. Since I’ve nearly waxed poetic about the goodness that is Diet Coke with Lime, you would likely think that this 2 for 1 bargain drove me wild with happiness. But, as always, there was a catch. On a little yellow tag below the 2 for 1 price, was the word “discontinued.”

What?!?! The product was just released. What kind of cruel joke is coca-cola playing here? They can't introduce something as delicious as Diet Coke with Lime only to pull it from production in a few weeks. This is wrong! Wrong, I tell you!

My only hope is that some idiot stock boy got it wrong and that the shelves of my local grocery store will one day soon be filed with delicious Diet Coke with Lime. If anyone has any other news about the fate of Diet Coke with Lime please let me know. I will sleep better knowing that I no longer have to hoard my 20oz bottles of Diet Coke with Lime as if they were the keys to the promise land.

* * *

A friend posed this question to an online group today. I thought it was interesting to try to consciously identify associations with scents that we unconsciously make.

What scent(s) bring out the following feelings:

maternal - baby powder or baby lotion

romantic/sexual - red wine, rain in the dessert, men’s cologne

childlike/playful - cotton candy, dirt

comfort/safety - downy fabric softener, baking smells, fresh ground coffee

sad - overwhelming floral scents (reminds me of flowers at a funeral)

anger - smoke

dreaminess - lavender

sleepiness - chamomile

discomfort - ammonia

Before I go, I realized that I owed a belated thank you to citlalli31 for adding me to her favorites. So . . . muchisimas gracias!

Ciao, queridos!

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