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superbowl sunday
2004-02-01 | 9:39 p.m.

I'm writing this entry from my hotel room and I should probably start with a disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: Any and all typographical, grammatical, spelling, or logical errors contained herein are the sole responsibility of the unmanageable piece of shit internet access program that this hotel has charged me an obscene amount of money for the privilege of using. The author hereby disclaims all responsibility for the contents of this entry. ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED AND DECLARED NULL AND VOID.

Ok, folks. You've been warned, and my ass has been sufficiently covered in uncomprehensible legalese. Read on at you own peril.

The flight in was blessedly uneventful. And Judge, MM, and I enjoyed a Super Bowl party of three. It turned out to be a good game. I wasn't particularly invested in any team, but was rootin' for the underdgs, as were my coworkers. Congratulations to all Patriots fans; and Panters fans have nothing to be ashamed of -- it was a good effort. But I bet the Carolina coach is kicking himself over those two 2-point attempts. It might have ended up in overtime if he hadn't taken the early gamble and just gone for the extra point.

I'm looking forward to having dinner with my cousin, Melody, tomorrow. And then a reunion of sorts with Jeff on Tuesday. Of course, there's quite a bit of work that has to get done before I get to play, but it should be a good week here in California.

Oh, and a pat on the back for me for finally getting my ass back into the gym tonight -- even after our Super Bowl celebrations. I'm feeling quite thoroughly whipped right now, and not in that good "oh, yeah baby, spank me harder" kinda way.

Ciao, queridos! ;~)


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