caminante haciendo camino
downtown disney downpour
2004-02-03 | 2:46 a.m.

First of all, yesterdayís disclaimer is still in full force and effect.

So much for California sunshine. Itís pouring rain, and has been for several hours. Despite the downpour it was a good day.

Work was, well work. The powers that be agreed with my recommendations, so I feel all mighty law clerk today, though.

I had dinner with my cousin, Melody, in Downtown Disney. Have I mentioned my inexplicable love for all things Disney? I donít know what it is Ďbout the Mouse, but I just canít get enough.

I left early to try to avoid the notorious California traffic. But, what do you know, there was none. Nope. No backups, no red lights, no delays, no nothing. Of course, this was pre-Noah-like-downpour.

So, whatís a girl to do with extra time at an outdoor mall but shop. Really, I had no choice in the matter. I bought Carissa and Rianna some cute Princess stuff. As if they need more cute Princess stuff.

Then Mel and I had a nice dinner. Her boyfriend, Orlando, joined us for a while. But he had to get back to work. The lucky bastard actually works in Downtown Disney. It was really good to spend time with Melody, though Ė we donít do it often enough.

By the time we left the restaurant, the deluge had begun. Of course, there wasnít an umbrella among us. And my search through the endless parking lot for the rental car that I didnít recognize insured that I was well and thoroughly soaked.

The drive back to the hotel was harrowing. Wet roads, low visibility, and a mere guess as to the route Ė itís damn lucky I made it back at all.

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