caminante haciendo camino
thwarted by the golden globes
2004-01-26 | 8:11 a.m.

My sincere desire to diligently work through the weekend until I could actually see the top of my desk were once again thwarted last night.

This time by the irresistible allure of Hollywood glitz, glamour, and the amazing burst of satisfaction that invariably results when the latest gorgeous size -1 blond starlet opens her mouth for the red carpet interviewer and I realize that I have more intelligence stored in the big toe of my left foot than she could ever hope to buy with her movie millions.

Itís shallow, I know. But Iíll take my ego-strokes where ever I can get them.

So the Golden Globe wine and cheese party, hosted by the movie-maven herself, MM, was a blast. A couple bottles of wine, a wedge of incredibly delicious brie, and a sinful amount of delectable desserts later, the hopes of getting any actual work done were about as good as Finding Nemoís chances of winning against Lost in Translation. Donít get me wrong, I loved the inspiring tale of parental clownfish love as much as the next person, but really, did any of the other movies in that category stand a snowballís chance in hell?

So, even though I came back to the office and tried to get something accomplished, all I really managed to do was to miss out on some much needed sleep. Today, however, Iíve made an early start and I am determined to get much done. In fact, I will be so productive that Iím sure the legal world will hear the echoing whoosh of my mad lawyering skills as I burn a trail through the mountain of legal briefs that was once my desk.

So, I guess I should get whooshing now . . .


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