caminante haciendo camino
trendy bar is a bust
2004-01-25 | 2:25 p.m.

A cursory glance around the darkened bar revealed that fake breasts and blond extensions were most surely a requisite for any female seeking admittance. Im not sure how in the hell MM and I got in, but there we were.

After a long day of working, yet making dreadfully little progress, we went out to grab a pizza and a beer before deciding whether we had the willpower to head back to our desks for a few more hours of work.

Mid-pie is when the legal eagles from down the hall called us and asked us to meet them for a drink. I had never been to this place, and Im quite certain Ill not be returning.

The place was horrible. Besides the Barbie clones, there were the unremarkable and oddly homogenous males, in about a 5:1 female to male ratio. The music was so loud we were forced to read lips and odd hand signals in order to carry on what was a miserably failed attempt at conversation. The drinks were unjustifiably expensive. I probably could have fed and clothed a malnourished child in a third world country for a month on what I spent on two drinks.

All in all, the evening would have been better spent if Id come back to the office and worked. How sad is that?


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