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the monday-ist of mondays
2004-01-26 | 5:07 p.m.

This has been one of the monday-ist Mondays in recent memory. I guess it was doomed to goddawfulness when I had to drag my arse in here at 7:30 this morning after only 4 measly hours of fitful sleep. And we all know that fitful sleep hardly counts as sleep at all.

Iíve been working full tilt since then and only now managed to finish one of my two overdue projects.

On top of it all, I felt like a disobedient puppy that had piddled on the carpet when the Judge asked when the remaining memos would be ready to circulate. Oh, he asked in that ever so reasonable tone that he always uses, and he didnít say anything when I told him that one would be out today and the other would go out on Wednesday, but I could just tell he was . . . disappointed. Ugh. Iíd rather have angry than disappointed. Disappointed just makes you feel so inadequate and ashamed. Like a piddling puppy who should already be house broken.

The fact that the Judge agreed with my assessments on two other cases didnít go very far in redeeming this day. Oh, itís nice to know I got something right, but the weight of his silent disappointment is overshadowing anything that could be characterized as positive on this crappy Monday.

And, unfortunately, thereís no hope of putting this day behind me for several more hours yet. I still have one extremely late memo to get done. So, this entry was mostly to clear my mind sufficiently for me to be able to wrap it around another legal conundrum. Iím not sure if that has happened yet, but I have no time to waste. Itís back to my miserable Monday for me.

* * *

Before I resume this travesty that has become my work life, some Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Political::Must Cast Primary Vote Early

  2. Concentration::Canít Seem To

  3. Fish::Finding Nemo Never Had a Chance

  4. Lunacy::The Amount of Work I Need to Get Done in the Next 2 Days

  5. Red::Tom

  6. Imply::Silence Implies Disappointment

  7. Recognize::Look

  8. Sexist::Still Too Many

  9. Commercial::Valentineís Day. Blah.

  10. Stricken::Me. Piddling puppy dog.

Hasta luego, queridos!


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