caminante haciendo camino
these aren't the tupperware parties your mom used to host
2004-01-20 | 9:05 p.m.

Well, I have successfully self-medicated with enough acetaminophen to dull the cramps and enough chocolate to elevate the endorphin levels and curb the bitchiness. Ahhhh . . . Iím feeling much better.

Which makes me wonder, if I were to send copious amounts of chocolate to the law enforcement officials in Texas, would they feel good enough about themselves to finally leave the poor soccer mom selling vibrators to other women at Tupperware-style home parties alone? Good grief, gentlemen, donít you have real criminals to catch? A vile murderer to put on death row, perhaps?

Really, though, this idea is pure entrepreneurial genius. Who the hell needs plastic containers with lids that always go missing when you can have sex toys?

Now that Iím feeling human again, I have work to do. Hasta luego, queridos.


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