caminante haciendo camino
goin' to the chapel
2004-01-05 | 8:30 p.m.

Well I'll be damned. It looks as if we're gonna have a wedding.

Sweet gods, no, not me!

My cousin, Yesenia, and her boyfriend (the cologne-saturated young man from last night) have decided to tie the proverbial knot before he reports back to military duty (and an 18 month deployment to Iraq) on Wednesday.

This means less than 24 hours to throw together something akin to marital bliss (or, at the very least, a legally-binding marriage ceremony of some kind, and plenty of liquor thereafter.)

Damn good thing I work for a judge, huh? Damn good thing that I have a pantry full of assorted alcoholic beverages, too.

Really, though, I'm happy for her. Were it anyone else in my family that decided to race to the alter in under a day, I would think they were as crazy as I always suspected them to be. But not Yesenia. Yesenia is a smart girl who has had to learn a great deal of responsibility in the passed 3 years. She's thought about this and is going in with her eyes open.

Cologne-boy (his name is Michiel) is also a solid kid. And really, they're crazy in love with each other. So, despite the seemingly insane decision to get married so quickly, I think it'll work for them.

And, hell, it's a great excuse for a mid-week party.


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