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beltane gone bust
2005-05-10 | 11:32 p.m.

Two weeks since my last update. What a slacker. I donít know why Iíve been so sporadic about my writing here. It seems as if when life gets busy, this is one of the first things that gets left by the wayside (right after exercise, of course).

So, letís see...two weeks...whatís happened?

Iím still working to get Core fully off the ground. It seems as if Iím on for a few days, then I fall completely off the wagon. Iíve had a few things come up that have made it hard to stay with the program Ė a nightmare of an abscessed tooth and a raging case of PMS, just to name a few. But Iím still determined to fully transition to Core.

That abscessed tooth I mentioned? Well let me just say that it fucked the hell out of Beltane weekend. The back most molar on the lower left side started aching a bit on Friday. I took some Ibuprofen and it seemed to feel better. This is the same tooth that the endodontist had recently reported was fractured through the root and therefore had to be extracted. I even had an appointment with the oral surgeon scheduled for the end of May.

The tooth was not to be kept waiting though. Saturday morning the ache was back. I had some Beltane celebrations to get to, so I popped some more Ibuprofen and headed up to the campsite. I was armed with several bottles of over-the-counter pain relievers and an ice chest full of alcoholic beverages Ė I was sure I had all I needed to take care of this now-persistent ache. Boy was I ever mistaken. Not easily daunted, though, I set up camp and jumped into the weekendís festivities Ė one clay goddess, an informative drum workshop, another ďehĒ rated group ritual, and a pain-not-withstanding-kick-ass drum circle later and I realized that the ache had escalated to a constant and painful throb. By this time, however, it was very late and very dark and I was not sure that I could get myself off that mountain without becoming completely and irrevocably lost. So I decided to wait until morning to decide whether or not I could make it through the rest of the weekend.

Next came what may thus far go down as one of the most miserable nights of my life. On top of my mouth hurting so much I wanted to cry, it was freezing cold. Five and half hours of misery later and the sun finally came up. I awoke (or, rather, got up, since I actually never really fell asleep) to find that the left side of my face was about three times its normal size. The pain had increased by at least that much as well.

That was it. I was done. Remembering that I had narcotics in my medicine cabinet, I got myself the hell off that mountain, post-haste.

I came home, took some percocet, and promptly woke the on-call dentist. He called in a prescription for penicillin, that I picked up as soon as the pharmacy opened. This is about the time that I realized that the two doses of prescription pain-killers had not even taken the edge off of the pain in my mouth, but had instead managed to only make me vomit. The day was definitely getting worse.

Lynelle, a friend from the Soup and RN-extraordinaire, came to the rescue. She called and I told her that the pain meds were only making me sick and not doing anything for the pain. She explained that they were time-released, so there was no big boost of pain relief to press through the pain. She suggested that I take a dose of Ibuprofen, a dose of Exedrin, and a dose of the prescription pain meds together. Great. I had a plan. Now if I could only stop vomiting. Thankfully, Lynelle had a solution for that too. She said that if I took one or two benedryl with that pain-med cocktail, the benedryl will quench the nausea.

I wasnít sure if I was going to actually survive all of that, but at this point I was in so much pain I didnít really care. (That is obviously an exaggeration, as I called my mom and told her what I was taking and asked her to call me in an hour to be sure I was ok.) Hallelujah, though, that mish-mash of medications actually did the trick! The pain finally ebbed. Two days later I had the tooth extracted and Iím on the mend now.

But, like I said, Beltane weekend was completely shot all to hell.

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