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2004-04-23 | 3:50 p.m.

Writing the story of AJ was more difficult than I imagined it would be. My hands shook. And I cried. I donít know what I cried for. I wouldnít want him in my life now for anything. Yet I cried.

But once it was written I felt much better. I was no longer disturbed by the fact that he had appeared in my dreams. He was, at one time, an important figure in my life. Itís only natural that my subconscious is going to dig him out every now and again.

And I was so touched by the responses left in my notes. It helped to know that others had lived through similar relationships. That I wasnít the only intelligent woman who survived a decidedly unintelligent relationship. Thank you, ozarklily, serenaville, wench77, r-y-r, and hissandtell, for your comments and for sharing some of your stories with me.

* * *

Iíve gotten precious little done at work this week. I still have two opinions to write. And, now I also have the writing assignments for our next calendar, including two cases that, at least at first glance, seem to be monsters.

So, basically, my work life is gearing up for its periodic cycle into madness.

And Iím still dealing with this persistent feeling of crappiness. Iím not sure if itís allergies or some type of virus. But Iím still feeling stuffy, snotty, and wheezy.

I think itís the gods cruel idea of a joke. Itís absolutely gorgeous outside. The sun is out. The flowers are blooming. The grass is a brilliant shade of green. And Iím coughing and wheezing because all of natureís spring beauty results in gazillions of pollen spores whose principal mission in life appears to be to clog up my bronchial tubes.

But despite the persistent malaise, Iím looking forward to the weekend. My weekend plans include shopping, followed by some shopping, after which Iíll do a little shopping.

So, yeah, Iíll be shopping. I need some new business suits. Iíve worn out my standard black, blue, and grey suits. This happens when you wear a suit just about every day of the work week. Dry cleaning is bitch, not only on your pocketbook, but on the fabric of said business suits. So itís time for some new ones.

Which means that Iíll be considerably poorer come Monday. Business suits are expensive. Dry cleaning business suits is expensive. Dry cleaning ruins the business suits, necessitating the purchase of more business suits. Itís a vicious and costly cycle. Reminds me a lot of Bushís foreign policy.

Listening To: Jewel, "Stand"
Reading: boring legal crap
Feeling: optimistic with lingering bouts of crappiness

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