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lessons learned by living with a two year old
2004-04-19 | 10:15 p.m.

I’ve been promising Carissa for two weeks that we’d go see the new Disney movie, Home on the Range (known in our home by the simple, illustrative, and toddler-friendly moniker, The Cow Movie). Circumstances (namely work) conspired against us such that this weekend arrived and we still had not seen The Cow Movie.

So, even though I was still firmly lodged in the clutches of the Spring Cold from Hell, I told Carissa that we’d try to make it to the movies on Sunday. By mid-afternoon Mom, Yesenia, (who were also battling the Spring Cold from Hell) and I decided that we were too miserable to drag our coughing, wheezing, snotty selves to the movies. And, we were sure that Carissa had already forgotten about the movie, since she was happily digging up Mom’s garden.

Lessons Learned By Living With a Two Year Old # 73: Kids never forget. Especially if you want them to.

Rich, Anna, and Rianna stop by in the evening on their way home from dinner. Carissa runs to the door and immediately announces that we’re going to see The Cow Movie. Damn. She hadn’t forgotten.

We attempted to distract her with a trip to Diary Queen. It didn’t work. We’re still feeling like crap, but now we’re feeling guilty too. The guilt is worse than the coughing, wheezing, snotty crappiness.

This morning, Carissa wakes up and says “Mom, the sun is awake! Now can we go see The Cow Movie?” (See Lesson #73.) Ugh. The guilt.

We couldn’t go during the day because I had to work and Yesenia had to study. When I got home, Carissa runs to give me a hug. The hug comes with a dose of guilt. “Now can we go see The Cow Movie?” Yes, as soon as we have dinner.

I fell asleep during the news, while dinner finished cooking. I wake up to Carissa’s half-whine/half-cry: “Heeeyyyy! She’s asleep. She said we could go see The Cow Movie.” Ugh. The guilt.

So, yeah. We went to see The Cow Movie. Finally. I’m still coughing, wheezy, and snotty. But the guilt is assuaged. I feel much better.

Lessons Learned By Living With a Two Year Old # 74: Never make a promise you don’t intend to keep.

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Thanks to ms-do for adding me to her favorites list.

And an especially heartfelt thanks to ozarklily for adding me to her favorites. She’s a long-time friend from another online community. She’s one of the wisest, kindest, and make-your-sides-hurt-from-laughing funny women I know. And now she’s staked out her space here at Diaryland. I couldn’t be happier. She’s the bestest! Thanks, love.

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