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2004-04-16 | 3:37 p.m.

Yup. I’m still feeling crappy. My nose is stuffed, my head feels heavy, and I think there’s a very large object sitting on my chest making it very difficult to breathe. Sounds pleasant, huh?

Yesterday I slugged through the work that was essential, and then left early in order to self-medicate with some snot-clearing, sleep-inducing cold medicine. I’m sure my beleaguered system appreciated the full night’s rest.

But this morning I was again snotty, achy, and wheezy. And I couldn’t justify any more time off work. So I dragged my sorry ass in. I’ve been watching the clock ever since. As soon as I’ve put in 8 or so hours of work, I’m heading back home, to the bliss of medicated sleep.

* * *

Some good news on Project Get a Damn Job. My judge spoke with one of the Powers That Be (who just happens to be a former clerk), and it seems as if there might be an “in” with the agency. I don’t know many of the details yet, except that it would likely be in Tucson.

.:still crossing fingers and toes:.

* * *

When will Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dumb finally acknowledge that what they’re now having to deal with is a “breeding ground of terrorism” of their own making?

* * *

I wish I was mentally equipped for a lengthier entry. But until I can manage a full breath of air, unencumbered by either a snot-stuffed nose or a tight and wheezy chest, this is really all that I can muster.

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