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four days away is too long, even if there's not much to say
2004-03-17 | 9:46 p.m.

I really should be working. But Iím too bothered by the fact that I havenít updated in four days.

Although, there isnít much to report other than the fact that work is kicking my ass. And if youíve been keeping up with the barely bi-weekly updates, you already know that much.

But, since a diary entry wouldnít be complete without it, Iíll get the requisite work related bitch-fest out of the way, before trying to remember what else has happened in my world in the past four days. Iím still working hellishly long hours. Saturday I was in the office until nearly midnight; Sunday I was there until almost 2:00 a.m.; Monday was another 14 hour day; yesterday I was at the brink of collapse, so I called it quits at 9:00 p.m. Today I headed home at 7:00 in order to grab dinner while watching American Idol. But as soon as Iím done with this update, Iíll be back to work Ė very likely pulling an all night work marathon, as I need to get this jurisdictional issue worked out tonight. Iím really too damn old for these all-nighters. Iíll probably be knocked flat on my ass all next week. My body doesnít handle this type of stress well and usually just shuts down after a while. During law school, I could always count on getting sick the week after finals. Shit. Isnít that something great to look forward to?

Iím still mired in this bitch of a seven weight case. (Brief explanation: our cases are weighted for difficulty between 1 and 10. Most of our cases are either 3 or 5. I (stupidly) volunteered to take the 7 weight this time around. Someone please kick my ass if I ever contemplate doing that again.) I should be done with it by Friday. But that means Iíll still be working all weekend in order to get my last case worked up by Monday. One thought keeps me sane: the chaos will subside come Monday.

In other news, the job search is officially off the ground. I sent my resume to the agency that tops my ďList of Places Iíd Like to Work come September.Ē To be honest, itís the only place on my list right now. Letís hope they like what they see when the look at that resume. My references will be putting in calls next week. So letís hope that, even if theyíre not stunned by my brilliance as reflected on my resume, theyíll nevertheless be willing to grant me an interview once three federal judges call to sing my praises. Keep your fingers crossed, wish on a star, say a prayer, raise some positive energy, or whatever it is you do. Iíll take all the help I can get.

Finally, I was denied my St. Patrickís day revelry because of this seemingly insurmountable pile of work. I donít have one iota of Irish in me. Iím 100% Latina. (Or, at least 75% latina, as Iím not really sure who my fatherís father was.) But in any case, I have a penchant for all things Irish. (As I mentioned to walton today when I wished him a Happy Birthday.) Iíve spent years studying Irish history, folklore, literature, and culture. And with my fair skin and red hair, itís easy for me to get my Irish on. Iíve always said that the gods decided to play a joke when they imbued this Latina with an Irish soul! Confirmed pagan that I am, however, I donít mark the date in celebration of a missionary stamping out the old ways. Instead I view the date, not as a religious holiday, but as a celebration of all things Irish. In any case, I forewent the traditional post-work Guinness at Seamus McCaffreyís since Iím not going to have any post-work time until Monday. I did, however, wear my green and my favorite claddagh pin today. I felt better for it, too. I hope everyone had an enjoyable and (most importantly) safe St. Pattyís day.

Now, before I dive back into this pile of work, I must say a hearty thank you to serenaville for adding my to her favorites. Sheís a wild read. If you havenít been there yet, swing by her place. Youíll be glad you did.

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