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mental health day
2004-03-24 | 11:25 p.m.

For the sake of my mental health, I took today off. After nearly a month without a day off, I was in desperate need of some down time.

I managed to get a few errands done. But mostly I just slept in late, lounged around the house, watched inane daytime television, had a delicious lunch with Yesenia and Carissa, and went to therapy, err, I mean shopping. It was perfect. And I feel so much better for it.

* * *

Tomorrow is baseball day for the work crew. The Judge is taking us out to a spring training game. Isnít that nice? Iím sure itíll be fun, even though Iíll have to attempt to make baseball small talk even though the only thing I know about the game is that hotdogs and beer never taste as good as they do at the ballpark. Well, thatís an exaggeration. I know the basics. But just enough to generate small talk for about two innings. After that, the beer better take over so that small talk is no longer necessary. Either that or I better get hit with a foul ball so I wonít be expected to speak.

* * *

I checked my stats this morning, and saw a hit from work, specifically coming from MMís blog. Sheís one of the few folks in real life that know about this space. But Iíve asked her not to read while weíre working together. Not that thereís anything here that I wouldnít want her to read. In fact, we probably talk about everything that makes its way to this diary anyway. And once our clerkships are up and sheís in D.C., I donít mind if she reads. I just think it would be awkward to work side by side with someone, day in and day out, who is privy to the inner workings of your mind. But she knows about the diary, has the address, and is basically on the honor system.

So, this morning when I saw the court listed as a host, even though I was not in the office, and then followed the referrer link to her blog, I was a bit peeved. No. I was more than peeved. I was pretty damn mad. I asked her about it tonight, though, and she says she hasnít read, that she bookmarked my address, but didnít read anything. I feel better knowing. But I wonder why I got so freaked out about it?

I just donít want my family and friends reading what I write here. I feel too protective of this space. Maybe eventually Iíll get comfortable with the idea. Obviously, judging from my reaction today, Iím not there yet.

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