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damn tired, but no alternative
2004-03-20 | 11:43 a.m.

Copious amounts of caffeine do not seem to be having the intended effect of rousing me to full consciousness. In other words, Iím damn tired. And three cups of coffee and two diet cokes have done nothing to change that situation.

It probably wonít come as a big surprise to anyone that itís Saturday morning and Iím at work. This means, of course, that I didnít meet my deadline. Bench memos were supposed to be circulated yesterday. They werenít. Iím still mired in my bitch of a complicated 7 weight case. Plus, I have an immigration case to finish.

I think Iíve worked out all of the issues of the bitchy-7-weight case in my head. I just need to reason them out in writing. Sometimes thatís easier said than done. It usually takes at least three times as long as I think it will. And, the way this case has been going, before Iím done its very likely that Iíll unearth another half dozen issues that the parties completely ignored.

As for the immigration case, would it be completely unprofessional to submit a concise bench memo that simply recommends that the law breaking assholes be sent back to the hell from which they escaped? Just like that. No legal reasoning. No analysis of the facts. Just this: I recommend that this panel send the law-breaking-assholes back to hell. I think that accurately sums up my professional legal opinion about the case. If I can get away with that one-sentence recommendation, then thereís a chance that I might get both memos done by Monday morning. Otherwise, Iím in for another shitty week.

And did I mention that Iím really damn tired this morning? I could probably lay my head on this desk and fall asleep. Damn tired.

Maybe Iíve chosen the wrong profession. I look around, and everyone else seems to get an occasional day off. Maybe, instead of a lawyer, I should have become a plumber. Nah. I donít know the first thing about plumbing. Except that the last guy to snake my pipes was a hottie. Plus, I think Iíd rather work weekends than to have to wade in other peopleís shit.

Forget plumber, maybe I should have become a teacher. No. That wouldnít have worked either. I have very little patience for idiocy. And I donít think that my impatience (and, hence, annoyance) would be assuaged by the fact that the idiocy comes wrapped in smaller packages. And even though I know the world has its share of bright kids (wouldnít the future be bleak if that werenít true?), I still think that in a classroom of 30 or so students, the chances are pretty good that Iíll encounter at least one idiot (or at least an idiot in training). Plus, teachers have it really rough. I read one Diarylander was hit by one of her students this week. That bites. So, upon further consideration, Iíd much rather work weekends than to go to a classroom where Iím sure to be assaulted, either by idiocy or by fists.

Hmm. My list of alternative careers is waning. Maybe I could be a stay at home mom? Wait. I have no children. I guess that pretty much eviscerates the ďmomĒ part of being a stay at home mom. Plus, Iím single. So, if Iím staying at home, and thereís no one else around to go out of the home to earn a paycheck, starvation is almost guaranteed. Iím not really ďinĒ to starvation. (As clearly evidenced by the complete failure of my ass-shrinkage plans.) So, itís not surprising that Iíd rather work weekends than starve. (Iím still not sure if Iíd rather work weekends than change my motherhood status. Iíll have to reserve judgment on that for the time being.)

Well, Iím all out of ideas for alternative career choices. Thereís no help for it. Iíll just have to stick out this ďbeing a lawyerĒ thing a bit longer. At least until I die of over work or come up with a viable alternative. Since Iím stuck with this gig, I better get my very tired ass back to work now.

Listening To: R.E.M., "Everybody Hurts"
Reading: Alabama Power Co. v. Alabama Elec. Coop.
Feeling: tired. damn tired.

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