caminante haciendo camino
drumming out the doll-drums
2005-04-20 | 11:19 p.m.

I’ve been in an energy rut this week. The lethargy isn’t due to lack of sleep, as I’ve been getting to bed at decent hours most nights.

It might be a delayed exhaustion from our whirl-wind four day romp across Arizona. We packed in a lot of activity during a short time, we did quite a bit of walking, and my part of the deal involved a good deal of driving. At my last check, we covered over 750 miles in 4 days.

It may also be the general “let-down” feeling you get after a positive but temporary change in your routine, like a vacation or a visit from friends.

Whatever the reason, I’ve been sapped of energy this week.

Because I’ve been feeling so tired, I debated whether or not to go to my drumming class this evening. I wasn’t looking forward to another drive over the mountain to Sedona. But I thought that maybe the drumming was just the energy boost I needed. I went. And it was.

Sometimes the energy raised in a drumming circle is brilliant. Tonight was one of those times. It was a small group – only four of us. But everyone was locked in, the rhythms were all flowing beautifully, and the energy was awesome. At one point, the energy level was so acute that I could swear that there was singing.

Good times, I tell you.

So, with the residual energy still humming inside me, I don’t think that the doll-drums are going to be a problem any more this week. Getting to sleep, however, might be tricky. I think a nice, calming cup of herbal tea is in order.

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Reading: The Dance of the Dissident Daughter
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