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2005-04-18 | 9:11 p.m.

1. My computer broke down.
2. It was in the shop for a very long time.
3. Best Buyís Geek Squad all suck. A lot.
4. My computer is back now and working just fine.
5. The job goes well.
6. I am now the senior-most misdemeanor prosecutor. How scary is that?
7. I almost had a felony trial later this month. The bastard plead guilty, though. Damn him.
8. I received a super-cool ďProsecutor of the YearĒ award for my work with victims.
9. I have more jury trials scheduled in the month of May than there are trial days on the calendar.
10. Iím nervous about my first jury trial. But Iím also anxious and excited to do a jury trial.
11. I finally made it to the Renaissance Festival. Twice.
12. I bought a really cool drum at the Ren Fest. Iíve been wanting a drum for a while and I completely fell in love with this one. So I splurged. A lot.
13. Iím taking a Spirit Drumming Class once a week in Sedona. Itís great.
14. Iím probably driving my landlady crazy with the drumming. So far sheís been graciously tolerant, though.
15. Iím thinking about taking a belly dance class.
16. Iíd like to take a class in Sedona, but I think that driving to Sedona twice a week will be too exhausting.
17. So instead I think Iím going to take a class here in Prescott.
18. But first I have to reach my next weight loss goal.
19. Iím hoping to start the belly dance class in May.
20. The weight loss efforts have been going well. Slow, but definitely progressing in a positive direction.
21. Iíve been much more regular about my yoga practice. Iíd like to do it a few more times a week, though. It helps in many ways.
22. Iíve been doing a belly dance workout video too. Itís not the same as a class, but itís better than nothing.
23. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. In fact, I have two.
24. Dental work is so damned expensive. And my dental insurance sucks even more than the Best Buy Geek Squad.
25. My dog, Rufus, was really sick.
26. We thought we might have to put him down.
27. He made a miraculous recovery and is back to his old self now.
28. Iím very happy about that.
29. Iím shamelessly hooked on watching both The Bachelor and American Idol.
30. I finally watched Finding Neverland. It is a fantastic movie.
31. I joined the local pagan group for their monthly breakfast last week.
32. Even though it may not be the group of my dreams, they seem to be very nice people and I need more of a connection to people in the area.
33. I enjoyed breakfast and I plan on going again.
34. Iíll also be joining the group for Beltane.
35. Weíll be camping at the top of Mingus Mountain, doing ritual and then a drumming circle in the pines, under the stars. Iím looking forward to it.
36. Itís warming up here in Arizona. Weíre definitely moving toward summer. Iím curious about what a summer will be like here in Prescott. Somewhat cooler than what Iím used to, I imagine.
37. The best part of the past 45 days is that LR and Sheila came to visit last week.
38. They flew in on Wednesday.
39. We went to the Grand Canyon on Thursday. I have lived in Arizona all my life and had never seen it.
40. OH. MY. GODDESS. The Grand Canyon is spectacular.
41. We walked along the rim for hours. We dangled our feet over the edge. We drummed as the sun set over the Grand Canyon.
42. We visited Sedona on Friday.
43. We hiked among the red rocked canyons for hours. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch. We hit every pagany-new agey shop we could find.
44. We had lunch with RedFroggy on Saturday.
45. It was a wonderful four days. (Iím sure Iíll be writing more about it later.)

Well, there it is Ė 45 things that pretty much bring this space up to date for the 45 days that Iíve been gone. Itís good to have my computer back.

Listening To: "Medium" on TV -- great show!
Reading: too many books to list -- I need to finish some of them
Feeling: a bit tired -- it was a busy weekend

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