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early morning update
2005-03-04 | 4:55 a.m.

It痴 4:30 in the morning. And for some horrible reason I知 not asleep. In fact, I致e been awake for the past 2 ス hours. I finally gave up the struggle and got up. I figured since I was wide awake, I might as well go into the office and get some work done. Before doing that, however, I wanted to put a few words here as I haven稚 updated in a few days.

Last time I wrote I was both sick and in the midst of some undetailed emotional funk. (And while I'm thinking of it, many thanks to ilmomof3, erianne1, hissandtell, and nixtress for the encouraging notes.) The sick part is better, although I知 not completely recovered as of yet. The exhausting bone rattling cough turned out to be bronchitis just short of turning the corner to pneumonia. After a week of heavy duty antibiotics and narcotic laced cough medicine, I知 fairly certain that the threat of pneumonia was headed off. I still have a residual cough and wheezing, though. I will be glad to finally be able to take an unobstructed breath.

The emotional funk is, well, less funk-like. There are still some issues that I知 working through. For now, however, there are a few concrete things that I plan on doing that I think will help my general outlook. I値l likely detail some of that here at some point. Thankfully, though, I am no longer dissolving into a weeping mess at unexpected and sometimes unexplained moments.

The weight loss efforts still continue in a positive direction. Although the sickness put an end to any plans for exercising during the past few weeks, I have still lost an average of a pound per week. I値l take that. Now that I知 feeling better, I知 going to concentrate on introducing some regular exercise. I知 also taking a cue from ilmomof3 and developing a reward system for reaching progressive goals.

Work is busy, but I知 still enjoying it. I値l probably write more about what has been happening on that front a bit later. For now, I知 going to take advantage of this insomnia and go get some work done.

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