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2005-01-22 | 8:53 p.m.

I read the goal-setting pages of Dr. Phils book several days ago and since then Ive been thinking about the goals that I want to set for myself. I also found myself putting off actually writing my goals down for fear that I would encounter immediate failure. I was thinking that if I wrote down that my goal was X, and then I went and did -x (something not likely to help me reach my goal, like not exercising), that would mean absolute and immediate failure. But thats not really the case. My goals are just that goals. Something that I aspire to attain; not something that must be true instantaneously. They are a declaration of where Im going, not a reflection of where Im at. And, Ill never get there if I dont take this first step and articulate my goals. I have to decide where Im going before I can make my way there.

So, here I am. Thinking about what my goals are. And determined to commit them to writing.

Before writing my goals, however, I decided to do a simple three-card tarot reading to focus my goal-making. Perhaps because its my first day of my moontime, but Ive felt very strongly all day that I needed to do a tarot reading (even though Ive really neglected my tarot deck for several months now). And incorporating this reading with my goal-setting exercise seemed appropriate.

First card: Ace of Cups

Description: A nude woman gracefully dives into a cup of self-love, water spilling over on to a pair of swans. My thoughts: The woman is strong and graceful and comfortable in her own skin. Her dive indicates a sense of freedom, of letting-go, even of joyfulness. The water represents healing, inside and out, as well as cleansing a washing away of old thought patterns, old habits. The swans are symbols of beauty the woman feels beautiful on the inside and that translates to physical, outer beauty.

Second card: 10 of Cups

Description: In and around a waterfall and lake and underneath a rainbow, ten women stand nude with arms upraised; next to them are ten cups; the women appear to be giving thanks, perhaps for a plentiful harvest as the cups appear full. My thoughts: The rainbow is a symbol of hope of color and beauty following the rain. The other thing that came to mind was the easiness of this community of women they are comfortable with themselves and with one another.

Third card: Three of Swords

Description: Three women are challenging each other with their swords. The women are dressed for battle swords and shields at the ready. My thoughts: The battle-readiness of the women indicates planning, foresight, strategy, preparedness. Also, preparing for battle means theres a battle ahead a challenge approaching, a confrontation (maybe with ones self?).

The deck Im using is the Motherpeace Tarot.

With that in mind, I will get back to goal-setting.

With specificity, write what it is you hope to achieve.

I intend to lose weight by doing the work necessary to address the thought-patterns and emotional reasons that are at the root of my weight gain. I intend to eat in a manner that is nutritionally sound, with the focus being the nourishment of my body, by using the WW food plan as a guideline with which to achieve this goal. I intend to honor my body by exercising regularly; I will do yoga every morning, I will do cardio exercise (most likely in the form of walking) four days a week, and I will also do strength training three times a week. I will lose the weight necessary for me to feel strong, healthy, and beautiful I will be comfortable in my own skin.

Describe what you will do (the behavior or actions you must commence, change, or stop in order to lose weight).

I will make my weight loss goals a priority. This means that I will do this before I do anything else I will start my day, every day, with yoga; I will exercise first thing when I get home, before doing anything else; I will make the time to prepare healthy, nutritious meals.

When I lose weight, I want to feel...

Strong, energetic, beautiful and confident, capable of doing anything that I want to do physically, proud of my accomplishment, comfortable in my own skin.

Break down your goal into manageable, specific steps.

I will use the keys in this book and follow the action steps presented in order to address the issues at the root of my weight problem.

I will walk (or do other cardio exercise) four times a week, immediately after work, before doing anything else.

I will positively manage stress in my life in order to stop overeating in response to stressful events.

I will develop ways of celebrating special occasions that do not revolve exclusively around food.

I will eat foods that nourish my body by following the WW program.

I will maintain a regular yoga practice by doing yoga every morning before work.

I will use journaling as tool for working through the emotional aspects of my weightloss journey.

I will be mindful of the fact that my weightloss journey is an integral aspect of my spiritual journey.

I will learn to love and honor myself at every point in this journey.

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