caminante haciendo camino
2005-01-04 | 12:32 p.m.

Itís coming down hard. I woke to a world blanketed in white. And it hasnít stopped snowing all morning.

I hate driving in the snow. My nerves were frayed with driving the less than two miles into work. I tried to take the flattest route to work, but no matter which way I turned I had to either go up or down a damn hill. I managed to make it here with no bumps or bruises, but the added stress did not help the headache Iíd been dealing with all morning.

Despite the stressful driving conditions, it is beautiful outside. Everything seems so pristine, so ripe with possibilities, when the world is covered in fresh snow.

Listening To: nothing...the office is strangely quiet right now
Reading: boring legal crap
Feeling: slightly unwell

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