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yule ritual
2004-12-19 | 9:07 p.m.

I joined a local pagan group for Yule ritual yesterday. You might remember that, after much internal debate, I decided a few weeks ago to reach out and introduce myself online to this group. I hadn’t been able to meet them in person until yesterday’s ritual.

We met at the home of the couple who organized the group. The evening started with craftiness, or, at least as far as I’m concerned, attempted craftiness. One of the members of the group let a workshop on making clay Goddess figures. It was fun, albeit a bit frustrating that I seemed unable to form a female-looking figure at all. My goddess looks a bit like E.T. the Extraterrestrial, but at least the group was kind enough not to draw attention to this disturbing similarity.

After our clay play, we headed to the creek for ritual. The location for the ritual was amazing – it’s a natural circle of trees at the edge of a creek. The sky was amazingly clear, the half moon shone brightly, and the stars formed a magical display of brilliance. Despite the beautiful surroundings, the ritual itself was less than inspiring. Perhaps that was due to my unfamiliarity with the others in the circle. I don’t know. But, whatever the reason, I left with a decidedly “eh” feeling.

After ritual, we headed back to the house and shared a tasty potluck dinner. Later in the evening, some of the group broke out the drums and had an impromptu drumming session. I had never drummed before. I loved it. I definitely have to get me a drum. And, if nothing else, I’d like to join the group for their drumming circles.

My thoughts are mixed as to whether or not this a group that I’d want to work with regularly. They were, for the most part, all friendly and welcoming. There were one or two that had a higher than normal “weird” factor, but for the most part they all seemed nice enough. It appeared to me, though, that other than our pagan path, I had very little in common with most of them. I did enjoy the drumming, and I’d like to get a drum and join them in their drumming circles. And I’ll probably join them again for ritual a time or two before I make my decision. For now, I just don’t know if they’re the group I’ve been looking for.

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