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2004-09-19 | 9:26 p.m.

When youíre not working, the days meld into each other. Itís Sunday evening, but it could very well be a Thursday or a Saturday. Itís difficult to keep time without the schedule of work.

Not that Iím complaining. Iím still enjoying my down time. But I think Iíll try to inject some order to my days so that they donít simply slip away.

In the meantime, Project Get a Damn Job is still in wait-and-see mode. I interviewed last week with the Yavapai County Attorneyís office and I absolutely loved everything I saw...the people seemed to genuinely like their jobs, they were friendly and easy-going, and the location is wonderful. I would love to live in Prescott.

But, as of yet, I havenít heard back from either Maricopa or Yavapai. There will be a lot to consider, though, if I do get an offer from Yavapai Ė it would mean a lot of changes, but there would be many benefits as well. It does me no good to fret about a potential decision until I actually have a job offer. Heh. Easier said than done.

I had a hot stone massage yesterday. OH. MY. GODDESS. It was absolutely divine. I wish I could afford that little indulgence more often.

Iíve been listening to the Three Weird Sistersí second and just recently released cd, Hair of the Frog. It is fantastic.

I ďmetĒ Teresa, one of the Weird Sisters, on Inspiration Soup. I had heard others recommend the first cd, Rite the First Time on a couple of different occasions when someone would ask for recommendations for good pagan music. It wasnít until after several of us had bought the cd and become fans of the Three Weird Sisters that we learned that we had one of them among us.

We have been anxiously awaiting this second cd for months now. And it was well worth the wait. Hair of the Frog has the same rich vocal harmonies that I fell in love with in Rite the First Time, wrapped around the smart, touching, and witty lyrics that are a Three Weird Sisters hallmark. The Three Weird Sisters are eclectic, Celtic acoustic folk music at its best. What a joy to listen to...over and over and over again.

Ok, commercial over. But if you like pagan-y, folk-sy, just plain fun music, give them a listen.

Listening To: "May Queen" from the Three Weird Sisters' "Hair of the Frog"
Reading: Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd
Feeling: weary of waiting

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