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vacation aka unemployment
2004-09-15 | 1:03 a.m.

Two weeks since I’ve updated. Good gods, where the hell does the time go when you’re doing absolutely nothing at all? Well, not “nothing” exactly. I have pretty much perfected sloth and sluggishness. This week I’m working on laziness and lassitude.

For a week and a half I have not had to get up for work, or get dressed, or even get out of my pajamas if the mood didn’t strike me. For the record, however, I have showered, brushed my teeth, and had my morning coffee every day, but I have refused to commit to any daily responsibilities beyond those. I am blissfully unemployed.

I completed my stint with the federal courts on September 3rd. On that day I also interviewed with the county attorney’s office for a position as a prosecutor. The interview went well. They’re doing a preliminary background check, and I should know something by next week. In the meantime, I am enjoying a well-deserved vacation. If it weren’t for the conspicuous absence of an income, I could definitely get used to not working.

Carole’s father passed away last Thursday after a long battle with cancer. I didn’t know this man. But I know his daughter and I felt as if I had a glimpse into his heart both through the touching stories that Carole would tell of her dad and through Carole’s own love and compassion. I’ve described Carole as the most “Christ-like” christian I’ve ever met. She simply radiates love and universal acceptance. Her words are always words of wisdom and compassion. She is a woman who is strong in her faith without judgment for those who do not share the same religious perspective. On the contrary, she is not only tolerant, she actively seeks to listen and to learn from others. For that reason, it’s so easy to listen and to learn from her.

From what Carole has shared about her father, it is evident that much of Carole’s love for others is a legacy of love learned from her dad. What a gift that man has given to us through his daughter.

Thinking about Carole and her dad, made me think also of my own father. He died when I was still so young. Many of my memories of him are blurry around the edges. I wondered about what my legacy from my own dad might be. I think that my smile and my quick and easy laughter are from him. That I do remember clearly – his big smile and infectious laughter. I think, too, that my amicability comes from my dad, although it’s tempered by an inclination toward solitude that my mom shares as well. My mom is much more introverted, whereas my dad was always comfortable around people and he made others comfortable around him. People just liked to be around my dad. I wonder what else we would have had in common? I wonder...just wonder.

You’d think that after 22 years the missing would stop. But it never really does, does it?

On a bit of a brighter note, I had lunch with Redfroggy on Saturday. Redfroggy is one of the friends I’ve made on Inspiration Soup. She moved to Arizona a few months ago. Just after moving here she got hit with a major domestic bombshell. Poor thing. She seems to be working through it, though. At least she’s attempting to work though it, even though, in her own words, the damage may have already been done.

In any case, she was finally able to surface from the mess at home and we enjoyed a nice lunch and visit to the bookstore. We’ll be going to the Pagan Pride day festivities together in a few weeks. I’m thrilled to finally know another pagan in the area. I’m sure fellow pagans simply abound here, but I just haven’t gone out there to meet them. Instead, I import them from the east coast! Hey, whatever works.

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