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32 reasons for celebrating my 32nd birthday
2004-08-26 | 11:59 p.m.

1. Waking up with Rianna’s arrival.

2. Enjoying a great morning cup of coffee.

3. Moseying into work when I felt like it.

4. The smell of a dozen red roses.

5. A heart-warming birthday wish from Kerridwen – in Spanish even! She is the best!

6. Delicious Greek food for lunch – in the spirt of the Olympics, of course.

7. A “thank you” from the Judge for my work this year. It’s good to feel appreciated.

8. A hilarious electronic singing telegram from MaryAnn, Tom, Muffin, and Tyco Bear. Plus added hugs and tail wags.

9. Leaving work early – just because.

10. A hot rock massage in the near future.

11. A phone call from Miaja. And the fantastic news that the numbness is receding and that she’s feeling good and strong. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift.

12. A birthday hug from my brother.

13. A brand-spankin’ new, super cool, digital camera. My mom is still spoiling me after 32 years.

14. The most scrumptious triple chocolate cake EVER. It very nearly put me into a chocolate coma.

15. Singing happy birthday over and over again so that Rianna and Carissa could blow out candles with me.

16. Seeing their chocolate covered smiley faces.

17. Continuing the tradition of giving my mom a special gift on my birthday. She is, after all, the one who did all the work. I just showed up. This year it was a gift certificate for a hot rock massage. Mmmmm.

18. A lazy evening of movie watching.

19. A simple but delicious dinner.

20. The taste of summer in a bottle of Riesling.

21. A second helping of triple chocolate goodness – ‘cause it’s my birthday and calories don’t count on your birthday!

22. A birthday tarot card reading.

23. Overcoming my initial insecurity about reading tarot.

24. Learning to trust my intuition.

25. More birthday wishes in my inbox from Laurie.

25. And an ecard from Carole, Jerry, and Sweetie.

26. Lots of birthday love and good wishes from my friends on the Path and on Inspiration Soup.

27. An extra day off of work tomorrow.

28. A special birthday dinner with my family tomorrow night.

29. Spending the weekend in California with Sheila and Erin. WooHoo! I can hardly wait!

30. Being blessed with so many amazing friends.

31. The constant love of my family.

32. Loving the woman that I am and looking forward to what the rest of my 30s hold for me.

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Reading: tarot
Feeling: complete

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