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2004-08-18 | 3:47 p.m.

I keep forgetting about the spoilers. After lunch I normally click over to The New York Times or The Washington Post to take a look at the dayís headlines. But damn if I keep forgetting that the dayís Olympic results are being prominently displayed on both pages. Iíve ruined my nightís worth of Olympic watching two days running now. Bummer.

The Evil Co-Worker has stayed out of my way this week. We are back to the silence and avoidance that was working so well before her psychotic episode last Friday.

Someone reminded me that this is the same person who stuck baby carrots up her nose and then ate them. Obviously, she lacks sound judgment.

I must consider the source then, the next time she gets a stick up her ass and storms into my office with wild accusations.

If that doesnít work, I still have the marble bookends that I can chuck at her head.

Iíve been gradually working on getting back into weight-loss mode. In the past year and a half, Iíve gained 15 of the 30 pounds I originally lost on WW. Not good.

I need a different approach though. Simply tallying up points is not working for me on a long term basis.

I know what Iím missing. I need to view my weight loss as part of a holistic approach to healthy living.

So Iíve been working on the inside. Iím focusing on eating foods that nourish my body. Iím also rethinking exercise as not merely ďexercise,Ē but as part of my overall spirituality. And Iím making my spiritual work a priority Ė making time for yoga, meditation, ritual, and study.

Basically, Iím working from the inside out. Not the typical ass-shrinkage plan, I know. But itís precisely what I need to do.

In ten days I go to California for the weekend to meet up with Sheila and Erin. Iím most excited about seeing them both.

The gainfully-employed countdown continues: 16 days left.

So far Iím managing to keep the panic at bay. It will work out. It will.

I have to keep reminding myself of that.

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