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26 days: the reason and my solution
2004-08-09 | 2:01 p.m.

Itís been 26 days since Iíve written anything here. Certainly things have happened, both in my world and in the world at large, that Iíve wanted to write about. But Iíve kept silent. The reason for my silence, Iím sorry to say, is fear.

I donít feel that this is a safe place to express myself. I have, through both conscious act and inadvertence, revealed far too much of my personal life to feel protected by the shield of anonymity. In addition, there are those who know that this place exists who I would not want to read what I write here. They have said that they would not read without first telling me, but, for a variety of reasons, my level of trust in these individuals Ė well, really only one individual Ė has diminished significantly in recent months.

Iíve thought about closing up shop all together, deleting previous entries, and simply calling it quits. But I do enjoy putting words here. And I enjoy reading the words of others. I didnít think it would be fair to continue reading without offering something to read in return.

So, my solution, at least for a time, is to lock up. Iíll likely do this in the next few days. If youíd like to continue reading what I write in this space, please drop me a note or send me an email, and Iíll be happy to share the password with you.

Listening To: Drew Tretick on the violin...incredible!
Reading: just finished reading The Red Tent....also incredible!
Feeling: satisfied

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