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my last week and a half
2004-07-01 | 4:06 p.m.

Ok, itís been a while since Iíve written here. Part of that is due to being too busy to update regularly, but part of it is also because Iíve been writing in other places, spiritual journals, emails and cards to friends, etc. But Iím not entirely ready to give up on this space, so itís time to put some words here.

Letís see, whatís happened in the week and a half since Iíve been here?

Fatherís Day came and went. I took my brother, sister in law, Rianna, and mom to a baseball game. We had a good time.

Fatherís Day is always somewhat sad for me. I remember the year that my dad died, how all the ďFatherís Day SaleĒ signs in the stores would make me want to cry. And still, even now, 21 years after my fatherís death, Fatherís Day still dredges up those feelings of sadness and loss.

This year, I came across a Fatherís Day card that reminded me of Caroleís Jerry. So I sent it to him. It made me feel ďnot so sadĒ to wish someone a happy Fatherís Day. And Iím glad I did, since talking to Carole later I found out how much it meant to Jerry. It was good for both of us.

So, yeah, Fatherís Day happened.

On a happier note, we got a furry addition to the family Ė a cute, little, 1 Ĺ year old, Maltese dog. Heís all white and very hairy. The name he came with was ďBam Bam.Ē We didnít like that, and he didnít look like a BamBam, so we decided to call him something else. We were considering Casper, or Loki, or maybe Marshmellow. But when Carissa came home and saw that we had a dog, she squealed, ďohhhh, my little Rufus!Ē So, that was the end of the name inquiry. She decided his name was Rufus and there was no negotiating with her.

Little Rufus has been slowly getting used to his new home and family. At first he wanted nothing to do with us, but now heís rather fond of my mom, and heís coming around with me also. But he is still very skittish around the kids. He runs for cover as soon as Carissa or Rianna come in the room.

Oh, yeah, I also got to hear John Kerry speak this week at the annual conference for the National Counsel for La Raza. He was very articulate, obviously intelligent, and he came across much better in person than he does on T.V. He was much more animated, even funny, much less the cardboard-like figure he seems to be on film. Heís a much more likeable individual than I had given him credit for. He needs to do as many live appearances as he can, because some of his personality is definitely lost on the screen. He spoke on a variety of issues including education, health care, the economy, the environment, oil independence, and immigration. Like I said, heís well spoken, intelligent, and, more than anything, I was struck by his thoughtfulness (in the sense that you can tell that heís given a lot of thought to the issues). He may not be the perfect candidate (who the hell is?) and I may not agree with his policies 100%, but heís definitely smart. And, if I have to choose between smart and dumb, Iím going with smart every time.

Ok, to review...Fatherís Day happened, I got a dog, and I heard John Kerry speak. Other than the normal chaos of work, that about sums up my last week and half.

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