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not dead, just dead tired
2004-06-03 | 11:00 a.m.

This past week has been hell. Pure, unadulterated, hell.

Iíve been working at a frantic pace in order to meet a deadline, a day and a half short of Fridayís actual deadline, because Iíll be leaving for Louisville, Kentucky this afternoon.

All weekend, I worked. Into the night, I worked. As the sun came up the next morning, I worked.

This weekend, I was lucky to grab 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night. The last two nights, two hours.

Do you know what happens when youíre running on that kind of a sleep deficit? Imagine your worst hangover. Times ten.

And after the round-the-clock work madness, I wasnít even able to get everything done. Late last night I discovered that I didnít have all of the record on my last case. I trekked back to the office to get it. It wasnít here. I looked everywhere. I checked every file drawer, every box, every shelf. Nothing. We didnít have it.

So, today my secretary is trying to track it down. But, without it, I couldnít finish my last bench memo. And since Iím leaving this afternoon, even if someone can dig it up and get it to chambers pronto, I still wonít be able to get it finished before I have to leave. Bottom line, despite nearly running myself into an exhaustion induced meltdown, I wonít be able to meet my deadline and this last memo will have to be submitted late sometime next week. Crappers.

Iíve hardly slept in the past 72 hours and Iím missing my deadline, but I donít really give a damn any more.

In a few short hours, Iíll be on a plane to Louisville, Kentucky, to spend the weekend with a group of fantastic women who I have known for almost two years now, but who I havenít actuall met until now. Among this weekendís distinguished guests will be ozarklily herself. Iím really looking forward to finally putting faces to the names and personalities of these women and bringing them from the nebulous world of online friends, into the heartland of real life, honest to goodness friends.

In other good news, that Iíve barely had time to process due to the sheer craziness of the past week . . . I've been called in for a second interview for the Just Perfect for Me Job with the Federal Agency That I Really Want to Work For. Iíll be interviewing with Mr. Head Honcho next Wednesday. This is good news. Very good news. Project Get a Damn Job may actually be coming to a successful completion in the foreseeable future.

Well, this is it, for me, for now. I must finish packing. And then Iím off for a fun and exciting weekend. I havenít had any fun or excitement in quite some time. Iím long overdue.

One last thing, sincerest GRACIAS go out to greenwitch for adding me as a favorite. Sorry to have disappeared from Diaryland almost as soon as you added me to your favorites list. Contrary to speculation, though, Iím not dead, just dead tired. And as soon as I get a decent nightís sleep, Iíll be back to the same old gregariously opinionated Jess that we all know and love.

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