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weekend round up: the good and the bad
2004-05-24 | 3:29 p.m.


The Good: Meandering through my favorite independent bookstore, Changing Hands, for hours. Buying a couple of books. Buying a t-shirt with an Oscar Hijuelos quotation (ďItís simple. Books are good for you.Ē) from one of his book signings last year.

The Bad: Seeing the look of surprise/confusion/mild dismay that skitted across my Momís face when she saw that I was purchasing Scott Cunninghamís Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.


The Good: Troy. Brad Pittís ass was a fine thing to behold, but, truly Eric Bana as Hector was by far the best actor. Sure, the story wasnít completely faithful to Homerís Iliad. Iím not certain that any movie adaptation can ever be completely true to Homerís epic. The biggest modification was the absence of the gods. I, for one, prefer that the gods be excised from the story, rather than to have a campy Xena-esqe version of the Greek pantheon. The only disappointment of the movie was the casting decision for Helen. That was not a face that could launch a thousand ships. Not only was she flat and uninspiring on screen, but Paris was objectively prettier.

The Bad:: The argument I had with my Mom and Yesenia because they were an hour and a half late for our originally scheduled movie time. For a chronic procrastinator, I am very punctual, and I get very irked when others arenít. Yes, I realize that those two characteristics are seemingly contradictory. I, however, manage to balance them both quite well.


The Good: Finally dragging my ass back into the gym and getting it soundly whipped by Trainer Boy.

The Bad: The realization that donned at about 10 p.m. last night Ė that I had accomplished absolutely none of the work that I had to do this weekend. Nothing. Not a case read. Not a record reviewed. Not a word written. Nada. Consequently, I will be working at a break neck pace for the next 10 Ĺ days in order for me to finish all my projects before the Louisville trip.

* * *

A heartfelt GRACIAS goes out to leftunspoken for adding me as a favorite.

Listening To: "Everybody's Fool" by Evanescence
Reading: all that boring legal crap that I didn't read this weekend
Feeling: overwhelmed by work

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