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2004-05-22 | 4:45 p.m.

Iíve known Redfroggy for nearly two years ago. I met her for the first time last Thursday.

She is one of many friends that Iíve made on another on-line community. Most of these friends are pagan or pagan-friendly (as weíve come to refer to those in our group who arenít necessarily pagan, but who are open-minded, tolerant, and just plain nice enough to be a part of our online community).

Redfroggy recently moved to the Phoenix area from the other side of the country because her husband started school here. I canít imagine how difficult it is to start anew in a wholly different environment, with no family or friends within two thousand miles. She and her husband did just that. He started school. She started a new job. Theyíve started settling in.

So, after exchanging emails and phone calls, we finally met last Thursday. We met at a local coffee house. Later we made our way down the street to an Irish pub for some dinner.

We talked for hours. About everything. Family. Work. Being pagan. Who knew. Who didnít. Why. How. Solitary practice. Covens. No. Maybe.

It was wonderful. She was wonderful.

Iím really looking forward to having a pagan friend in the area. Since Iíve started down this path, nearly two years now, Iíve made my way on my own, with the guidance and support of my online friends, but with no one in the area who I could talk to and share ideas with. No one of a similar mind, walking a similar path. Until now.

And being so averse to labels, Iíve been loath to call myself anything more descriptive than ďpagan.Ē Apparently, Redfroggy is of the same mind on this. She calls herself a ďgeneric pagan.Ē Heh. I kinda like that.

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