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finally friday
2004-05-07 | 2:52 p.m.

Friday. Finally. It doesnít matter whether the week has been good or bad, Iím always glad when Friday rolls around. Fridays always bring with them both a sense of relief and a sense of optimism. Relief because, no matter what your week was filled with, at least its over, and you can look forward. Optimism because you hope that the weekend will bring rest, fun, or productivity (if itís a really good weekend, then all three) and that next week is, at least for now, seven days of possibility, of potential.

This week has been a mixed bag for me.

The bad:

ē Iíve been struggling with the language in my current opinion. Iím not happy with it. Itís just not tight enough yet. And I have to either get it right or deal with what I have because the Judge wants it done soon. Iím going to work on it through the weekend, but what I have on Monday is what Iím giving to the Judge.

ē The unyielding menstrual cramps and 48 hour migraine earlier in the week did not help matters much. Iím thankfully over that now. I donít like the fact that migraines have been accompanying my menstrual cycles lately. If this pattern continues, I should probably go see my doctor about it.

ē Project Get a Damn Job is stalled. I still havenít heard from the agency of choice. In my head I know itís still early, that conversations have been positive, and that itís not unusual for things not to move quickly. But Iíve been struggling against a growing feeling of anxiety over the whole thing. I just really wish things were more certain, more settled.

ē Iím not even going to re-hash all the crap in the news, in politics, in the world, thatís made me angrier and sadder than I can even adequately express. Suffice it to say that it belongs firmly in the ďbadĒ category for the week.

The good:

ē I spent a good deal of time with Rianna. We watched her on Wednesday, she slept over, and she was there when I went home last night. Rianna always makes me feel better about the world that we live in.

ē My first opinion is finally done, has been filed, and will be published next week! My Judge did relatively few edits to my original draft. So, itís almost entirely my work, my words, that are now law. Talk about a headrush.

ē I met with my ďmentee,Ē Angela, on our regular Tuesday lunch date. We are getting on well. She is such an enjoyable kid Ė bright, funny, kind.

ē After a week of doing what I know to do Ė eating well, drinking lots of water, being accountable by journaling everything Ė I went to my Weight Watchers meeting last night and . . . drumroll please . . . lost 2.6 pounds!!! Iím still not working out as regularly as I need to, but it feels good to be back in control and making progress.

ē I had lunch with Kelly from Judge Mís chambers today. It was just good to sit and catch up with each otherís lives. I miss working and talking with her on a daily basis. We always have good conversations, even though, politically, we often have very different opinions. Weíre definitely going to try to make it a point to get together more often. And (this is indicative of how much I like and trust her) I told her about this diary, gave her the address, and invited her to read at her leisure. Sheís the first person in real life that Iíve told where to find my diary. Eek! This is definitely a milestone moment for me. Others have asked for it, but Iíve not felt comfortable telling them where they could read me. Maybe now I will.

So, thatís been my week, the good and the bad.

Now itís Friday. This is good. This is very, very good.

Listening To: Ben Folds Five, "Philosophy"
Reading: yup, you guessed it, boring legal crap
Feeling: it's friday, what's not to be happy about?

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