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2004-04-26 | 5:14 p.m.

The weekend was good. I got some shopping done on Saturday. On Sunday, the Mom and I went on a completely unplanned closet-purging quest. It was madness. Between two closets, three dressers, and a cabinet in the garage, we bagged up 4 ˝ bags of clothes to donate to the next lucky charity that calls for a pick up. So, yeah, I bought about $1000 dollars worth of clothes on Saturday, and gave away about $2500 worth of clothes on Sunday. And, yes, in my world, this made perfect sense.

The weekend’s shopping and purging madness was interspersed with some decent movie breaks. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton is actually much better than the uninspired title would lead you to believe. The Secret of Roan Inish is old-fashioned storytelling at its best. Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her is an interesting compilation of the inter-related stories of a diverse group of women whose greatest feature is its outstanding cast.

As usual, the weekend sped by much too quickly and I only managed to accomplish a fraction of what needed to get done. But, despite my best efforts, there’s no stopping Monday from coming back around again.

I tried something new today. I actually did work first, then wrote the day’s journal entry. How novel.

Despite the morning’s experiment in prioritizing work over journaling, the massive amounts of work that still need to be done have not decreased appreciably. In case any one is keeping track of my “to do” list, I still have three opinions to write and three new cases to prepare for the next calendar. Shitloads, people. Three opinions and three bench memos equal shitloads of work.

So, yeah, I’m updating instead of shoveling the shitloads of work on my desk.

* * *

No news on Project Get a Damn Job. As I mentioned, I didn’t get everything accomplished this weekend that I had intended to do. Part of the weekend’s unrealized intentions were the applications for the county prosecutor’s office that didn’t get filled out and the resumes that didn’t get submitted to the state attorney general’s office. Damn. I have to do this soon. I know that the remainder of my clerkship is going to fly by. I need to get the job situation settled soon.

* * *

I thought this op-ed summarized the incongruities of Bushworld quite nicely.

* * *

It really shouldn’t surprise me that a teenager’s anti-Bush artwork earned him an audience with the Secret Service. But the state of civil liberties these days is something that should worry the hell out of us.

* * *

As an Arizonan, I’d be remiss if I didn’t pay homage to a fallen hero. I don’t know much about his football game, nor do I know his reasons for choosing military service over a multi-million sports contract, but what I do know is that Pat Tillman made that choice, and that he died for that choice. At the very least, he deserves an honorable mention in my little corner of cyber-space.

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