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2004-04-07 | 1:20 p.m.

When in the hell did I become a “ma’am”?!?! I was just referred to as “ma’am,” by a man that looked to be about my age. He was one of the crew working on the air conditioning units, we were in the service elevator, and it may have just been a nod of respect due to the business attire. But, still. Ma’am? I’m only 31 for gods sakes. I’m too damn young to be a “ma’am.” This is deeply disturbing.

* * *

I’m glad to see, however, that the support for Martha Stewart keeps pouring in. Can you feel the love, Martha?

(This link, by the way, was horked from How Appealing. How Appealing is probably one of those blogs that only appeals (hee-hee, I made a pun) to law geeks. But I had to give it to you anyway. Blame it on the ingrained legal training. I have to cite to my sources. And since I’m giving credit where credit is due, I have to thank Kerridwen for today’s cool new word: “horked: from the verb “hork,” meaning to borrow for an indefinite duration.”)

* * *

I’m all for tattoos as a form of personal expression. (With the exception of branding yourself with the name of your significant other as if you were his/her chattel.) I don’t have any, nor do I have any plans of getting one, but I think tattoos, especially if done tastefully and discreetly, can be fun and beautiful. I also don’t have anything against body piercings. As long as they are on other people. Me? I’d rather forgo the self-inflicted pain, thankyouverymuch. But this just gives me the heebie-jeebies. Ewww.

* * *

The health benefits of chocolate have again been scientifically confirmed. If it makes a fetus happy, it must have the same effect on the person actually eating the chocolate. I’ve known this since somewhere around the age of two. Chocolate makes me happy. What I don’t understand is, if I’m only consuming the chocolate for medicinal purposes, why does the scale insist on thwarting my efforts by creeping upward whenever I “medicate”?

* * *

I was going to comment on the latest “unrest” in Iraq. (Ha! What an understatement.) But I can’t seem to muster my thoughts into anything resembling coherence. My thoughts and emotions on the situation range from screaming rage to unbearable sadness. Today, though, I’m mostly sad. And I can’t seem to write through the sad. It’s such an unspeakable mess. And this administration is just too bullheaded to admit they fucked up and get on with the business of fixing it. And in the meantime people die. People get angrier, angry enough to kill. More people die. Killing can’t be tolerated, those that kill must be stopped. So more people die. Sad. Very, very sad.

For some commentary that’s considerably more coherent than mine is today, see what pandionna had to say today.

* * *

I did some Diaryland maintenance yesterday and finally updated my favorites list. If I added you and forgot to leave you a note: this is me, I like you, so you’re now a favorite.

And in generous reciprocation, quietflames, livingwreck, mom-on-roof, and widower have added me to their favorites list. So, a resounding “gracias” to all of you!

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