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work is done, let the good times begin
2004-04-01 | 1:08 p.m.

My work week in Seattle is just about over. This morning was our last day of oral argument. I managed to get stuck with another two opinions. This means that when I get back to the office, Iíll have four opinions to write. This is both good and bad. Every law clerk wants to have the opportunity to pen at least a few opinions. It is the way in which we make our mark on the law of the circuit. On the other hand, they are very time consuming and require much more work than a simple two or three page disposition of the case.

Iíve had a string of strange luck when it comes to picking cases that later require an opinion. Thus far, out of every calendar, Iíve had two cases that required an opinion. Thatís six opinions for me so far. On the other hand, MM has only had one case go to opinion. Like I said, this is both good and bad. Iíll try to concentrate on the ďgood,Ē but as soon as Iím knee deep in the work for next calendar and still trying to pound out opinions, Iím sure Iíll be vociferously complaining about my work load.

But, for this week at least, the work is almost done. As soon as the judges conference and MM and I talk to the Judge about the disposition of todayís cases, Iím officially on my work-free, fun-filled long weekend. Woo-Freakiní-Hoo!

Iím taking advantage of all this work-related travel to show my mom around a bit too. I bought her an airline ticket so that she could join me in Seattle this weekend. Her plane just landed and sheíll be at the hotel by the time I wrap things up here. This afternoon weíll be heading over to the Seattle Art Museum, then itíll be an oyster bar for dinner. Or, rather, itíll be oysters for dinner for Mom. I donít touch the slimy creatures. Yuck! Iím sure there will be some slime-free options on the menu, though.

Tomorrow we are going to hit all of the Seattle tourist spots like the Pikeís Market and the Space Needle. Then on Saturday Iíve booked us on a day trip to Victoria, British Columbia and the Butchart Gardens.

Although Iíve been here all week, Iíve seen very little of the city other than the hotel, the courthouse, and the short walk between the two. Iím looking forward to playing tourist for the next few days and seeing more of Seattle.

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