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tipsy in seattle
2004-03-30 | 2:20 p.m.

Today it looks more like the Seattle thatís been described to me. Itís cloudy and intermittently rainy, but itís still beautiful.

MM is not feeling well today. Sheís back at the hotel working on keeping something in her stomach. Apparently she ate something that didnít agree with her and her stomach is now rebelling against the suggestion of any additional food or drink. She sounds miserable. Iím going to take her some soup for lunch to see if sheís able to keep that down.

Although dinner didnít seem to agree with MM, the Judge and I enjoyed it. We went to a local brewery. MM is intent on making me as much of a beer snob as she is. The development of my beer palate required us to order the breweryís sampler. Add to that the two free beers that came with my steak and I was pretty damn tipsy by the time I got back to my room.

This seems to be a regular occurrence when Iím on calendar Ė the various degrees of inebriation, I mean. I think the Judge is a bad influence. Heís of the old school Ė a hard drink before dinner, wine with the meal, and a nightcap to finish things out. MM and I try to keep up, but our livers are not conditioned in the same way. Sheís much more of a light weight than I am. But even with my best efforts I canít keep up with the Judge. We do give it our best shot, though.

In other news, I sent RC an email last night and heard back from him today. RC is a guy that I met online last year, dated briefly, and then dumped rather abruptly, mostly because I didnít think we were intellectually on par with each other. (Yes, Iíll admit to being an intellectual snob. But, what really did the budding relationship in was my discovery that he was 31 years old and had never registered to vote and had never cast a vote in a general election. It was too much to countenance. I couldnít date a man who was so politically apathetic and civically irresponsible.)

Anyway, he lives here in Seattle and being here brought him to mind. So, in the interest of being friendly and because I know no one else here, I dropped him a short email to say hello. I heard back from him via email today. Heís supposed to call me later. I donít know if he will or not. I donít even know if I really want him to. And even if he does call, I donít know if I want us to get together or not. I guess Iíll deal with that if and when he calls.

Sending him an email last night just seemed like the thing to do. It probably seemed like a better idea than it actually was because of the higher than normal alcohol consumption.

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Reading: boring legal stuff
Feeling: uncertain about communications initiated while tipsy

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