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waxing, booty calls, and dabbling
2004-03-03 | 3:33 p.m.

The all-female* “power dinner” was, again, entertaining and interesting. Six female attorneys sharing conversation over the simple yet tasty fare at Chipotle.

*The sole male that insists on crashing our women only nights does not count as he is (1) advised in advance that all topics of conversation are open for discussion, (2) cautioned that he must (a) tap into his feminine side and (b) share his male perspective only if requested to do so, and (3) – most important of all – sworn to secrecy.

Last night’s scintillating discussion included:

Bikini Waxing. A poll was taken and 3 were waxers, 2 shavers, and 1 preferred au-natural. Me? A shaver. I don’t like the do-it-yourself wax jobs, and I can’t afford to be professionally waxed with any kind of regularity. So, until my salary allows for such luxuries, it’s the razor for me. As for foregoing grooming entirely, I live in Arizona for gods sake. It gets so damn hot here that you simply can’t live with extra insulation anywhere, especially not there.

Booty Calls. Specifically, we discussed booty calls gone awry. Now, I thought that the general scope and meaning of a booty call was obvious to everyone. But, gauging from the number of such calls that have either resulted in no sex or in unwanted emotional entanglements, it’s become clear that a working definition needs to be established.

booty call: bōō tē kôl

1. A summons, usually, but not necessarily effectuated via telephone, by which the caller requests that the recipient of the call physically present themselves for the sole purpose of engaging in sexual relations, and generally, unless otherwise established by relationship, communication or prior practice, involving little or minimal emotional attachment. 2. A request, express or implied, for sex.

You’ll notice that the above definitions strongly imply that the actual having of sex is an essential requirement of a booty call. Boys and girls, learn this definition. Live this definition. Together, we can prevent the misfortune that is the booty call gone amiss. To make sure the point has been made, let me sum up: If the call for sex is made, sex must be had. Got it?

Dabbling. Also on last night’s agenda was the issue of heterosexuals’ desire or, in some cases, purely theoretical fascination, with “dabbling” into the realm of same-sex relations. We didn’t take an official poll, but at least two of us (not including the token male, who stubbornly refused to participate in this discussion) indicated that we would entertain the notion of dabbling. If we, as I think we must, discount the lesbian at the table (who, by definition is a full time dabbler – which, I guess if you exclusively dabble, then it’s not called dabbling, but, whatever), then that’s a 2/5 or an over 20% dabbling rate. Fascinating.

Same Sex Marriage. Just in case you thought that all of our conversations revolved around bikini areas or sex, we did discuss same-sex marriage and Bush’s ridiculous push for a constitutional amendment. (We are, after all, lawyers. We are inherently incapable of going more than two hours without discussing the law or politics or some combination thereof.)

Everyone at the table agreed that a constitutional amendment was a bad idea. But it was interesting that there were so many different reasons why we were against the idea. For some, it was purely a question of states’ rights. They felt that marriage was an issue that should be left entirely to the states to determine.

For others, it was strictly a matter of civil rights – because states confer the status of marriage, together with its attendant benefits, they should offer marriage to all equally, regardless of sexual orientation.

And still others thought that marriage was not an issue appropriate for government involvement at all, either state or federal. The designation of marital status should be a purely religious exercise. In order to facilitate the legal consequences of such unions, states should provide for civil registration, but without any regulation (assuming, of course, consent as between adults).

Just goes to show that the idea of a constitutional amendment is absurd from numerous perspectives. I’ve yet to hear a persuasive, non-religious argument in support of such an amendment. If you have one, I’d love to hear it.

We so enjoy these women-only (or almost women-only) power dinners, that we’re making them a biweekly affair.

* * *

Just for fun, courtesy of serenaville:

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