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babies and boobage
2004-02-25 | 3:47 p.m.

Tom is now a father. Grace Elizabeth was born on Saturday, February 21st. He sent me a picture of her yesterday. Sheís pink and wrinkled and yet perfectly beautiful in the way newborns are.

He still seems very nervous about this whole fatherhood thing. But, as Iíve said before, I think heíll make a wonderful father, despite the fact that heís never had a role model of good fatherhood in his life. Tom is made of good stuff. Heíll handle fatherhood just fine.

* * *

I am usually a person of my word. If I say Iím going to do something, I do it. But Iím seriously reconsidering a boob pact I made with Steph.

What? You donít know what a boob pact is? Well, I guess itís a term open to interpretation. But in our case in means that Steph and I agreed that weíd get breast enhancements together (as soon as we had accomplished a little more ass-shrinkage). We were going to bond over our implants and post-op painkillers.

But now Iím just not sure I want bigger boobage.

Of course, no matter how much ass-shrinkage I manage to do, the size of my tits will never be proportionate to the size of my ass. But Iím feeling pretty good about my small and perky breasts despite the lack of ass to tits proportionality.

I vacillate on this issue. So, itís possible that next week Iíll want bigger breasts again. Right now, though, Iím thinking that the boob pact will have to be rescinded. Steph isnít happy about that. She may sue me for breach of contract, or something. Damn lawyers.

* * *

Speaking of boobage (damn, Dubya makes these segues way too easy), itís possible that Bushís kowtow to his Bible thumping base will backfire on him. Iím still fairly certain that the moderate vote will decide the election.

If Diarylanders are any indication, then the characterization of this cultural battle as a slam dunk winner for the ultra conservatives is greatly exaggerated. I have yet to see any online diarist who is in favor of such a constitutional amendment.

On the off chance that you arenít completely tired of this issue, this article has a good overview of the process and history of constitutional amendments, and this op-ed piece states things very well.

And to answer discodaveís question, what makes the idea of policing morality via constitutional amendment so frightening, is that by changing the document you change the very standard by which constitutionality is measured. As long as the amendment process conforms to constitutional requirements, any alterations to the Constitution itself become the new measure of permissible legal bounds.

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