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a slothful day in honor of past presidents
2004-02-16 | 10:51 p.m.

I really should have gone in to work today. I certainly had plenty to do there. But I just couldnít bring myself to let this perfectly good federal holiday go to waste.

So, instead of going to work and being super productive in the uninterrupted silence, I stayed home and did much less than I thought I would. Ah, yes, a day of sloth in honor of our past presidents.

* * *

The creatures who sing of their love of the Quiznos sub are disturbing. What made those marketing geniuses think that these singing monkeys (or, rather, monsters out of your fucking nightmares) would induce normal sandwich loviní folks into trying their product? Theyíre frightening, I tell you. Parents be warned, these commercials will give your children nightmares. Hell, Iím pretty sure these commercials are going to give me nightmares.

* * *

It was all about love and commitment in San Francisco this weekend Ė the love and commitment to each other of the estimated 2,250 gay and lesbian couples who were issued marriage certificates and the love and commitment to equal rights demonstrated by the city officials who volunteered their time through the holiday weekend in order to see those couples wed.

I think kudos is in order for the city of San Franciscoís willingness to take a stand for equality under the law.

This is sure to turn into a real mess tomorrow morning when the court house doors open and requests for injunctions are heard. But a fight was exactly what San Francisco was looking for. Thereís nothing like city-wide civil disobedience to bring an issue to the forefront of everyoneís agenda.

* * *

I didnít make it to the gym today as planned. But I did do an hour of yoga last night. It felt good. The plan is to alternate yoga with interval strength/cardio training at the gym. The plan went a bit awry with todayís slothfulness. But I have to get my ass back into the gym before trainer boy gets back in town. I will go tomorrow. I must go tomorrow. Trainer boy is going to kick my ass if I donít.

* * *

I guess itís fairly obvious that I didnít have much to say today. Nevertheless, I made a commitment to myself that I would write in this here diary daily (or at least as close to daily as I can manage). Itís an exercise of sorts in discipline. Sort of like taking your medicine every day. Or working out every day, but Iím not very good at doing that, so itís a bad example. Anyway, itís something that I do, whether or not I have anything profound to write about. Usually I donít Ė have anything profound to say, I mean. But I write anyway. Iím compulsive like that.

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