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lazy weekend, sick kid, and a remarkable woman
2004-02-08 | 5:45 p.m.

The weekend has been spent in absolute laziness. I've slept in late. Watched sappy movies. And done as little as I could get away with.

The only dark spot in the weekend is that Rianna has been sickly. Stuffy nose, cough, fever. Poor kid. My mom and brother just took her to urgent care. She's been woozy on her feet and messing with her ear, so Rich thinks she may have an ear infection again. Hopefully they'll be able to give her something for that. And with a little luck, the rest will resolve itself soon. Until then we have a miserable little girl and two very sleep deprived parents on our hands.

My great aunt stopped in for a visit today. I think she may be bunking here tonight. It's always nice to see her. She's in her mid sixties and she's graceful and beautiful and a joy to be around. She gardens, sculpts, sews, cooks, bakes, quilts, and masters countless other domestic wonders with ease. She's the pillar of her family, always caring for others, making sure they have all they need. And she does all she does with seemingly little effort, just quiet, constant ability. The only time I've ever seen her weak was when her mother, my great grandmother, died two years ago. I try to make it a point to acknowledge those people from whom I can learn, maybe try to emmulate in some small way. She's definitely one of those women.

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