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drunken entry, the second
2004-02-06 | 10:54 p.m.

Should it worry me that this is my second drunken entry in less than a week?

I decided that a night in was just the thing after a week of travel -- take out Chinese food, a couple of dvds and a bottle of wine. An entire bottle of wine. By myself.

What the hell was I supposed to do once I opened it and then could get no one else in the house to drink with me? Once I couldn't feel my cheeks, I knew it was a bad idea.

The movies were entertaining though. Probably unduly entertaining because of the high alcohol consumption.

The first was "Beautiful Girls." Not exactly a recent release, but one I hadn't seen yet. I'm with Uma. "Good night, sweet girl," is all I need to hear every night to be content.

The second was "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." Johnny Depp. Antonio Banderas. Enrique Iglesias. Guitars and mariachi outfits. Mmmm. Foder for my fantasies for the foreseable futre. (Look at that. Even drunk I can manage alliteration. Go me.)

I learned that Yesenia got a tattoo while I was out of town. I'm a little perturbed. Not that she got a tattoo. But that she got tattood with the boy's name.

I'm patently against being branded with any man's name. It offends every feminist bone in me. It's simply wrong.

I don't care how wonderful you are, how much I love you, or how you make me cum, I will never brand any mans name on my body.

Apparently, it's not so patently offensive to a twenty-one year old who fancies herself in love, and wishes to appease the fears and insecurities of her fiance who's off occupying foreign lands for the next year and a half. Whatever.

Any man who thinks he needs his name etched on my skin in order to feel sufficiently secure that I love him and he loves me is just not worth the ink it would take. I'm just saying.

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