caminante haciendo camino
glad to be home, but here we go again
2004-02-06 | 12:22 p.m.

Itís good to be back home. I enjoy the travel that my job requires. It happens just often enough to keep it novel instead of burdensome. The cities we visit are interesting, with lots to see and do. And the work itself is rewarding, as itís a culmination of several weeks of preparation.

But itís still good to come back home. I have a hard time sleeping in hotels. So, by the end of the week, Iím exhausted. A full nightís sleep in my own bed was bliss.

Speaking of bliss. I was pleased to find that my rabbit had arrived while I was out of town. All I can say is the Japanese are fucking geniuses! OH. MY. GOD.

Anyway. As per usual, thereís no rest for the weary. Iím back in the office for less than two hours when the briefs for the next calendar land on my desk. Ugh.

But at least I hold the trump card this calendar. MM and I have to divide up the cases that our chambers is responsible for. We use a draft system, where we each rank our preferences, and then, when we both want a particular case, who ever holds the trump card gets it. He (or rather, she) who holds the trump card rules.

So, between the two opinions I have to write from last calendar (despite deliberately picking cases that I didnít think would require opinions) and the new briefs that are already ready and waiting, work has cranked back up to a frenetic pace.

I just sent MM an instant message that read ďgive me a sexĒ instead of ďgive me a sec.Ē Freudian slip, perhaps? And this typing faux pax after telling her that I have had woman on woman fantasies. Good thing she knows me well enough to laugh at my word mix up.

Before I get back to work, let me say thanks to sixweasels for adding me to her favorites list.

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